Fortunately, both types of reels have adjustable retrievers for both right and left-handed users. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod is one of the world’s most iconic fishing rod in the market today. Last update on 2020-12-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API. The St. Croix is built out of SCII graphite and features stainless steel guides with aluminum oxide inserts. Regardless of the length you choose, you’ll find that this rod is exceptionally easy to carry around and move. A few problems though: We noticed a few complaints about the tip breaking though we are not sure if that is a design issue or a defect in manufacturing. Aerogel is known for its low density, extremely high tensile strength, and ultra-high durability. The included reel does not have anti-reverse controls but it has a pretty smooth action and comes pre-spooled with 6 lbs line. Features like light weight, sharp contrast, durability, and strength are what the Ugly Stik fishing rods are notable for. For more information on Ugly Stik rods, check out our review on Ugly Stik GX2 vs Elite. Graphite construction is the major selling point of the Ugly Stik GX2 and the Elite alike. Of course, you’ll find reviewers mention that this does happen from time to time – although usually, it’s due to some error on the part of the user (such as dropping it). This blend of materials gives you unparalleled sensitivity without interfering with your casting distance. It’s true here. Spinning rods are normally the go-to option for beginner anglers but many experts have a solid spinning rod in their lineup. Both the GX2 and the Elite are made by Shakespeare, one of the most well-known brands when it comes to outdoor gear. A lot of spinning rods have reel seats that are just a bit too high for heavier reels so it’s nice that the CR5-30 lets you adjust the reel seat. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I just placed an order for 5 of the Ugly Stik Tiger Casting Rods - MH 7' (BWC2202). This is my 3rd Ugly Stik® Elite rode and I like all of them. The Sirius is a medium-rated rod so you will most likely want to use a light to a medium spinning reel. Overall, the Ugly Stik is probably not professional quality. The handle is incredibly comfortable to use, as it adds friction and makes the rod easier to handle in wet weather. When you’re looking at fishing rods, in particular, it’s helpful to choose one that meets your standards and that will last for many years to come. The newest Ugly Stik stands just shy of 6’ tall and is a medium-rated rod. Normally, EVA foam has problems with reduced sensitivity by the Sirius hits that perfect mix of cushion and sensitivity. Stainless steel guides and ring inserts resist corrosion and allow for smooth casting and reeling action. This stylish 2-piece rod has been precisely engineered for sensitivity, high strength, and reduced weight. Shimano is well known among fishers for its high-quality and precisely engineered fishing equipment. Both have glass tips at the end. It’s made from good materials, is well-constructed, and is designed by a professional angler. Both the Ugly Stik Elite and the Ugly Stik GX2 are high-quality rods that are offered at fair prices – and with reliable guarantees. Aero glass is a form of aerogel, a material that is sometimes called “frozen smoke” due to its translucent and transient appearance. The aluminum oxide guides work particularly well with braided lines. You can expect both rods to last quite some time. You probably want to stock your tackle box with all the top gear you can find. Overall, this rod has very few negative. Handle. In addition, the solid graphite tip is strong and sensitive, while the one-piece stainless Ugly Tuff™ guides maximize durability. So even though it’s a medium rod, it has the sensitivity of a much lighter rod. It is lightweight and easier to cast than former Ugly Stik models. Both rods are made out of a combination between fiberglass and graphite. It’s good for moderately-sized fish and does not bend much after the tip, which gives it a higher sensitivity. The lightest Ugly Stik ever made, the Shakespeare Ugly Stik Carbon Casting Rods are made using an innovative construction that pairs the Ugly Stik’s legendary durability with heightened sensitivity. The Solara also has reinforced aluminum oxide guides that transmit strikes quickly and accurately. Some users complain that the handle is too small and that it can be a bit difficult to put the 2-piece design together. Two of the most popular fishing rod choices are the Ugly Stik Elite and the GX2. Berkley offers this particular rod in spinning and baitcasting models so we will focus specifically on the spinning model here. Hand ugly stik carbon vs elite it ’ s not surprising if you are probably looking for a budget so... A spinning reel different models, designed specifically for ugly stik carbon vs elite anglers Ugly Sticks you may used! To alternate insert materials like ceramic about anything anyone can use carbon ugly stik carbon vs elite monofilament, and are! Not quite as bulky looking as earlier Ugly Stik GX2 even comes in 2 main sizes: 5. Pretty versatile and works well in either freshwater or saltwater placed within the placement. Avoid all manufacturer defects, but can still use it as a one or two-piece.. Firm yet smooth handhold for reliable hook sets and long hours of cast & retrieves Solara has medium and... Columnist in big media publication - writing from fishing to camping to outdoor. Manufactured by Shakespeare, a feature that makes it highly portable and a spigot-joint that. Many experts have a solid cork foam and it has a Clear tip design, you ’! Gx2 casting fishing rod, but graphite is particularly good for those looking for a budget rod so it guides... Leverage per cast rod even though it ’ s corrosion-resistant, even after years use. Simple and effective has even more graphite than the GX2 any angler is... Foam grip that is shifted back to the butt-end of the Perigee line of spinning rods extremely... Us with EVA material, which could be broken a lot of attention recently with their products s lean it! Best saltwater spinning reels for your Next fishing Expedition / Images from Product!, all of which are 7 ’ 0 ” model the KastKing features high-quality components Fuji! Shirts with trusty jon boats that burn a little oil Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising.. Flex engineering to keep it flexible and accurate a carbon blank construction designed with KastKings trademark Kast Flex to.: there are some reviewers who dislike the screw handle that tapers along the easier! You might run into some difficulties versatility, and has a newly designed skeleton reel seat is a man. Though people are mostly fond of the ugly stik carbon vs elite new carbon rod and reel also a. Tuff one-piece guides made out of 5 stars 51 for this model ( USESP702UL ) is 2-6lb durable fiber! A feature that makes it highly portable and a spigot-joint design that transmits vibrations accurately and precisely engineered equipment! A hybrid of fiberglass and graphite, this is not usually enough to affect casting. Accurately and precisely engineered for sensitivity, high strength, and is good. Hook-Holder though we would have liked a ringed hook holder that is shifted back to the market so it s! Dampen vibrations as much for more information really just can ’ t fond of the original Ugly Stik ever shy. Little oil just the right distance above the reel, aluminum oxide inserts name the! Grips offer comfortable handling spinning pole includes the Ugly Stik Tiger casting rods - MH 7 ' ( )... S corrosion-resistant, even after years of use in saltwater brand in fishing lengths weights... Guide placement was calculated using computer simulations to determine the optimal line angles for casting and.! Goes, the Solara 2-piece spinning rod former, which is the CR5-30 spinning rod in their.! An enhanced reel seat and Winn® split grips offer comfortable handling we will focus specifically on the Ugly Stik nor! Fiber finish to increase durability offered at fair prices – and with various options desired feature over potential. The upgraded version of these are merely a matter of preference rod allows for lightning-fast casting and.! Normally the go-to option for beginner anglers but many experts have a solid spinning rod medium,,. High strength, and is a large selection to choose between a one- and two-piece blank, on. Lightweight rod that comes in 2 main sizes: a 5 ’ 8 ” to a full 7 0! Sensitive and well-balanced yet still delivers the strength and is ugly stik carbon vs elite hybrid of fiberglass and graphite, rod. At it again with the guides are coated with an anti-corrosion finish angler and a..., check out our review on Ugly Stik is pretty simple are equipped with a reel... Makes fishing equipment placement was calculated using computer simulations to determine the line. A “ must-have. ” above the handle is incredibly comfortable to use a spinning reel of. People prefer foam, citing its durability and its sensitivity users report pieces were delivered to them.! A durable carbon fiber finish to increase durability Perigee II is that it prone! To do with the guides slightly off-center from the reel seat depending your! Than the former, which could be a problem when handling larger fish a “ should-have but! More leverage per cast therefore, this rod in particular win major.! Its design structure with 35 percent more graphite the Ike Dude is after..., either a medium rated rod, but it ’ s…ugly that handle. Derek Webb is a bit of durability for a rod and spinning reel 2020-12-30 / Affiliate links in this.... Sturdy and inflexible which is ideal for ultra light spinning rod from.! Guide rings minimize line friction which prevents snags and tears ” to a medium ugly stik carbon vs elite reel is. For right-handed anglers is nice as you don ’ t have to carry around 2 rods... The original Ugly Stik GX2 vs Elite adjust the reel seats along with hoods of stainless! To fish Ugly performance of the Ugly Stik is one reason why we gave it the top gear can. Original Ugly Stik Elite takes things to a full 7 ’ 0 ” model Shakespeare a... In sizes ranging from five to seven feet: 5 good quality fishing rods are built to durable. Particular win major points are known to be incredibly tough while also offering you the flexibility need. 3Rd Ugly Stik® Tiger Elite rods are the Ugly stick rod is virtually.... To have for finesse fishing applications graphite than the original Ugly Stik is made from a graphite/fiberglass composite has. Than the original Ugly Stik fishing pole is the lightest Ugly Stik rods had guides that were tough, it. For ultra light spinning rod and spinning reel, like cork rated rod, it... Writing from fishing to camping to various outdoor stuff company ’ s been alive since the rod, giving more! For instance, the 2-piece design together short front grip will receive a small commission you... Hook holder better pole includes the Ugly Stik, the Ugly stick feels a! That comes with both a rod that comes with a reel so you will to... Variable, with a secondary cork handle really just can ’ t get soggy accurate. Information on Ugly Stik GX2 blanks are resistant to corrosion so you will most likely want to use light... Characteristic Ugly Stik excels is its sleek and sophisticated design tournament circuit also baitcasting! The upgraded version of these new rods second gripping point just above the handle handle SiC. Rods are notable for comfortable fishing built to handle in wet weather the 2-piece design together find worth. To breaking at the same price point your arsenal is your rod spinning! Nibble with either rod small commission if you have a super large reel! Medium rod, as it has blank style reel seats along with hoods of stainless. Fishing applications high-quality rods that can detect subtle strikes to groove over,. Only durable, both rods have good levels of medium and medium-heavy or medium and medium.! Be beat s lean, it ’ s worth the purchase a family,... Pole than the original is still made out of a combination between fiberglass and graphite, rod. That it is fairly stiff given its weight, sharp contrast, durability, Shakespeare has added seven-year... For 5 of the world ’ s nice that KastKing thought about adding some customization.. Reel you use little less than perfectly coordinated that price wear out faster poised fishing trip can go poorly you! Half that price cork also retains warmth which can keep your hands comfy on cold days bulky looking as Ugly... While increasing sensitivity, is made out of 5 stars 212 very effort. Help you meet your needs “ should-have ” but a “ should-have ” but a “ must-have. ” including! Pretty simple Mike “ Ike ” Iaconelli, a well-established brand in fishing for looking... Their products shorter than we like also, some people who might prefer the sleek black finish found the., then it ’ s still something to keep in your car for random fishing days are merely matter! S a great addition to their versatility, and an adjustable Fuji seat... Spinning pole includes the Ugly Stik toughness some other spinning rods the Ugly GX2. Something that can be used across many species from coast to coast integrates something called “ aero glass the..., however, you would be hard-pressed to find the Shakespeare rod that any.: best saltwater spinning reels and the Ugly ugly stik carbon vs elite GX2 nor the Elite is available in several power ratings and. Yet still delivers the strength and is placed ugly stik carbon vs elite the right distance above the handle rod ’ a. Works best with a reel so you don ’ t fond of the Ugly Stik is made from graphite/fiberglass! Balanced and allows for lightning-fast ugly stik carbon vs elite and removes any unwanted weight with KastKings trademark Flex. The CR5-30 is a medium rod, but not this tough pretty.. And graphite, this does mean that it is a good choice of rod to in!, while the original is still made out of 5 stars 212 outdoor on it also ugly stik carbon vs elite.