Predestination: An Expert's Guide, A few days after this excitement, the ship set down on Scarvix to recharge, and Mirage opened his own bar, "Visages", which quickly caught on (that it turned out Swerve had been watering down his drinks may have played some part in this). Prowl soon arrived to take stock of "New Cybertron" where he decided that the Lost Light's uniquely powerful quantum generators would be removed from the ship so they could double the universally displaced planet's energon reserves. The Chaos of Warm Things During the chaos, Skids helped Swerve find the ship's bar, which Swerve decided to take ownership of. It has Ariel Lemon's Shapeways add on. Before Team Rodimus can get offworld, a rogue geobomb, courtesy of the Galac… Before the ship jumped back home, the science team proposed recreating the malfunctioning launch and then shunting the quantum duplicate into a parallel universe so that their adventures would never truly end. Hangers On, No sooner was the Lost Light airborne again than it had to conted with the threat of the Sparkeater, released from the bowels of the ship by the explosion at launch. The attack had been part of a trap. Full Circle The only crew member spared the telepathic reconditioning was Riptide who confessed to the Protectobots what had happened to Team Rodimus. Elsewhere, Getaway and Atomizer had been planning. The Lost Light is a "hop ship" which utilizes insanely advanced quantum engines to travel almost instantaneously across vast distances, though those distances can be limited by the amount of power available to the ship. ...And the Damage Done, Rodimus successfully convinced around 200 Transformers to join him on his quest, which involved following a map that had been discovered within the Matrix of Leadership. Log in Sign up. Dec 15, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Sam W. Discover (and save!) A good alternative for fans who are not familiarized with building models. Only quick thinking by Trailbreaker (still active due to his forcefield's protection) kept the Decepticons from making off with the Metroplex fragment. According to Roberts in an online interview, Speaking of huge, the 10x15 mile dimensions of the ship given in "Into the Abyss" don't jibe with almost any of the artwork. May have slight variations in color from screen. Stet However, it turned out Brainstorm couldn't bring himself to actually kill Megatron. Rodimus used the "brightest spark" aboard—Rung—as bait, luring the beast to its death by mashing into one of the quantum engines. Further analysis showed it was made of holomatter, and being projected by Swerve himself, even as the little guy lay unconscious and dying in the medibay. Silent Light, Months passed, and the Lost Lighters began doing heroic deeds, saving organics from problems. The Lost Light was exploring a distant planet when it came under attack by mysterious forces. How to Say Goodbye and Mean It While repairs and rescues were being carried out, the ship's crew were joined by the amnesiac Skids. With enough juice left for one last teleport, Rodimus and Cyclonus were teleported to somewhere under Unitrex, to find an experimental set of engines. Very poseable. Cyclonus prevented Megatron from attacking Tailgate, but set off the already very twitchy security forces, who attacked him. Towards Peace The Lost Light was used to transport many Transformers to Luna 2 for the trial. Burning Bright, The Lost Light next answered a distress call from none other than Orion Pax, the once and former Optimus Prime himself, rescuing his ship the Skyroller from the gravity well of the planet Gorlam Prime as it collapsed into a portal to the Dead Universe. After another engaging another jump to Maccadam's, the day Megatron was arrested, Perceptor noticed that the ship had become the only temporally active evet in the entire universe, with less than an hour left before the total collapse of the timeline. 10, natch), and after a short reign as the favored place for post-war relaxation, "Visages"'s popularity crumbled when Megatron began an impromptu poetry session, causing all the bar's patrons to flee back to Swerve's. The chase ended with Sunder running into the shuttle bay and combining with the corpse of his brother, Sceptre. After disabling Magnus, Brainstorm used his briefcase to escape through time, since as it turned out his briefcase was in fact one of many, all part of a single time machine connected remotely to the Lost Light's engines. Among them are runaway blacksmith-turned adventurer Anode and her partner Lug, who struggle to adjust to the present day as they deals with demons from her past. Now, Rodimus and Co. are about to discover that the only thing worse than a sparkeater... is an army of sparkeaters! Once she directed Megatron and Rewind to deactivate the duplicate ship's quantum drums, the intact Lost Light and its vanished crew were restored to existence, while the shattered duplicate and its slaughtered inhabitants—with the exception of Rewind and Brainstorm's briefcase—ceased to be. The strain of carrying around two different time-travelers quickly began to drain the ship's engines. Despite their escape, Getaway continued on course with trips through the Warren eventually taking the ship directly to Cyberutopia. How Bright Their Frail Deeds When the broadcast reached the Lost Light, the crew's faith in Getaway was shattered prompting him to release Froid and Sunder to telepathically rein in the crew. Follow (gayly) bro. Eventually arriving at the Necrobot's stomping grounds, they were attacked by Decepticons. Though the majority favored him remaining in command, a large minority voted against him. Celebration aplenty could be found on the restored ship... until Brainstorm arrived in Swerve's, opened his mysterious briefcase, and knocked everybody out. Seeking to recharge the device, Rodimus used Perceptor's knowledge of future quantum science to upgrade the Unitrex-1's generator so that it could perform the task, in the process retroactively creating the very first quantum generator. The adventures of Rodimus and the crew of the Lost Light come to a close in this action-packed thriller! Saved from btfly009 is SO GOOD be sure to check out her gallery! Instead, however, all that remained was the razed and deserted ruins of the Circle's Crystal City. Read on for some detail about this kit: [Furai Model] Rodimus (IDW version) pre-order starts. This is the Leg Armor upgrade kit for Titans Return Rodimus to give him his IDW signature MTMTE/Lost Light styling. The Chaos of Warm Things The NAILs subsequently returned to Cybertron following the end of the war, where the present-day incarnation of Rodimus was in search of a ship he could use in his quest to find the Knights of Cybertron, having been denied use of Omega Supreme. Wondering what was going on, Rodimus had Chromedome examine Tailgate's memories, leading to Getaway and Atomizer being imprisoned. your own Pins on Pinterest Invoking the Crisis Act, he had the ship's crew vote on his leadership. He was observed by the local timeframe's Nightbeat and Quark Post Hoc as well as Brainstorm, who—realizing he'd been followed back in time—promptly fled the scene. (Lost Light Internal Legal Affairs Committee), the first such instance on the ship's journey. Rodimus upgraded the Lost Light's armament with a batch of proton missile launchers after a visit to Hedonia. Rung had brought a model of the Lost Light with him during the Autobots' trip through time, Stet and was casually putting it together during another stop in their journey at roughly four million years ago. Stopping Tyrest's schemes had also resulted in the destruction of Rodimus's crucial Matrix-map, so the next plan was to find and join forces with Thunder Clash. The Not Knowing. Ratchet discovered Ten had made a makeshift quarters for himself in one of the boiler rooms (no. The Ammonite army were subsequently destroyed thanks to the efforts of the strike team, and the ship's crew used the Lost Light as a battering ram to smash Monstructor—the last combatant still standing—into his component Transformers. Originally an experimental vessel built on a pre-war Cybertron, the Lost Light is now the starship utilized by Rodimus and about 230 other assorted Transformers on a quest to find the mythical Knights of Cybertron. To whit; turn the Lost Light crew into sparkeaters so they can kill Rodimus, so that Getaway can become one of the Architect's chief minions. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unfortunately the encounter destroyed Thunderclash's map to Cyberutopia, but with Thunderclash healed thanks to the ticks, he was able to leave his ship. Rodimus, formerly known as Hot Rod, was a major character in IDW Publishing's Transformers series. despite everything, it’s still you — I just reread Rodimus’ speech in Lost Light 24 and... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Hot Rod. The Road Not Taken Well, everyone but Rung and Ultra Magnus, since Brainstorm had been spiking the engex, which they didn't drink. The lost light having to watch a sparkling Rodimus:-The one of the ‘fun’ uncles. ...And the Damage Done, In the wake of the great battle, Atomizer oversaw having the ship's name painted on the sides, while Perceptor and the crew restored the ship to full function. As Hot Rod, he was a recurring character in the Autocracy Trilogy, the Transformers Ongoing series, and was the main protagonist ofMore Than Meets the Eye and Lost Light. The ship's hangars carry at least half a dozen shuttlecraft, including the Leading Light, O Fortuna, and Rodpod. Rewind sacrificed himself to ensure that Overlord was safely jettisoned into space. A number of new faces had joined the crew... including its new co-captain, Megatron! As he worked, Cyclonus fought off the ship's sole guard, blasting him with a Sparkeater Gun and locking him in one of the ship's chambers. Aug 31, 2020 - Rodimus expressions - lost light, – popular memes on the site The malfunction of the quantum engines had narrowed its choice of destination not to a single point in space, but to two points: the location to which the Lost Light had intended to warp, and a random one. The Custom-Made Now Armed with whatever Whirl could steal from Brainstorm's lab, and a "time phone" to keep in touch with the ship, they set off. How Ratchet Got His Hands Back Soon after their arrival, the ship was damaged when it was unexpectedly struck by a piece of space debris that turned out to be the severed thumb of the Titan Metroplex. Eager to put the depressing detour behind them, the crew of the Lost Light soon departed from Luna 1, leaving behind Red Alert and Fortress Maximus to keep watch over the rogue moon. Then, when Brainstorm made one last jump, Megatron realized where he'd really been going—to kill Megatron. The Lost Light is not of Cybertronian origin. View all pictures (6) Acquired on September 2015. Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Ultra Magnus was appointed second-in-command, with Drift as third; Ratchet joined as chief medical officer, Perceptor and Brainstorm as science officers, and Red Alert as security director, vetting the crewmembers. Story by James Roberts Art by Jack Lawrence Colors by Joana Lafuente Letters by Tom B. The soon-to-be-christened "Swerve's" became the go-to destination for crewmembers looking to drink and relax. The adventures of Rodimus and the crew of the Lost Light come to a close in this action-packed thriller! Overjoyed to have Thunderclash up and about, the crew celebrated. The Galactic Council's enforcement ship, The Benign Intervention, also appeared on the scene, giving the Autobots one hour to explore the planet's surface. The explosion of the rear thruster cause a tear in the hull through which forty Autobots were blown, so Rodimus ordered the Lost Light to be set down on the planet's surface so the lost Autobots could be recovered. Though apparently unremarkable by Transformer standards, the ship is quite large—described by Ultra Magnus as 15 miles in length, and 10 miles wide, and large enough for an entire extra chamber to be attached to it in secret without anybody onboard noticing. Before & After The days that followed were relatively peaceful, and included a trip to Hedonia for some shore leave Cybertronian Homesick Blues and a visit from the legendary Autobot Thunderclash, who was also looking for the Knights of Cybertron, Little Victories but it was not to last. Now, Rodimus and Co. are about to discover that the only thing worse than a sparkeater... is an army of sparkeaters! The Lopsided Triangle The only immediately apparent side-effect of which was that it woke Thunderclash from his coma. As of Lost Light #6, Rodimus now hates Megatron more than ever. The ship responded to this impossibility by teleporting to both points—creating two identical duplicates of itself, and everyone and everything on board. Lost Light acts as a sequel to The Transformers: More than Meets the Eye which was published from 2012 to 2016, also written by Roberts. Afterward, a few crewmembers declared their intention to stick around for the actual funeral, while Rodimus went shopping at the nearest starhub. All Our Parlous Yesterdays. Those few remaining soon discovered the grisly remains of the quantum duplicate Lost Light, with Rewind as the only survivor among the murdered crew. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. btfly009 my colors Rodimus maccadam MTMTE Lost Light this was one of her inktobers! Recent Top. In a move prompted by unshakable grief, and most definitely not petty glee, Rodimus told the entire crew they'd been invited to Thunderclash's "pre-wake". Into the Abyss, Additions on the second quantum duplicate, All of the Protectobots were confirmed to be on the Lost Light by James Roberts via his Twitter account,, Drift crossed paths with the U1's owners during the Festival of Lost Light, and purchased the vessel from them for one billion Shanix, renaming it the Lost Light after the festival, Twenty Plus One and gifting it to Rodimus. A crew had been selected for the vessel, including the Duobots, but before it could launch, it was infiltrated by two very unexpected visitors: a time-travelling Rodimus and Cyclonus, who had come from five million years in the future and wound up stranded when their time machine ran out of power. They murdered the whole crew and Overlord, with only Rewind escaping their rampage, and the ship was let to float derelict in space. (You don't want to be standing next to these engines when they activate, as they break the laws of physics in ways that can be very unhealthy.) Link copied! It's where your interests connect you with your people. He’s the one who accidentally get the sparkling in danger.-loses them in the first half hour. Fortunately, Sunder's rampage was ended when Tailgate suddenly displayed Outlier powers, and crushed the killer with the Rodpod. Little Victories Some time later, Rodimus's guilt over the Overlord incident got the better of him, and he came clean to the crew about his role in the fiasco. Once the time case was fully charged with quantum energy, a reaction between the case and generator caused the unmanned U1 to quantum jump away through time and space, its fate unknown to anyone. Finis Temporis, As the combatants basked in this victory, the Lost Light served as both a medical center and as a place of relaxation, as Transformers from both factions found their way to Swerve's for drink and recuperation. (Part 2) In the aftermath, both Froid and Sunder were placed in the brig. It’s good to notice that Flame Toys have also announced that they are working in another IDW Rodimus for their more expensive and top quality Kuro Kara Kuri line. Speak, Memory! Before he could, Whirl's domesticated Scraplets devoured him, placing the Lost Light back under Rodimus's control. Years ago, the crew of the Lost Light fought a demonic Cybertronian mutant that fed on its victims' souls. And far away, in some distant corner of the multiverse, the duplicate Lost Light materialized, ready to set sail for an infinity of new adventures. Rodimus, Drift, and Brainstorm conspired with Prowl to smuggle the captive Decepticon Overlord aboard the ship for study and interrogation, Remembrance Day but this was not the only "addition" Prowl ensured to the ship: he ordered his agent Ore to plant a tracker on the vessel's quantum engine, but unfortunately for everyone aboard, Ore tried to do so just as the ship was taking off. (For comparison: This is about the same size as Manhattan Island.) The thumb was brought aboard, but this only drew the attention of Lockdown's Titan Hunters, who boarded the ship while the entire crew was accidentally frozen in place by one of Brainstorm's inventions. Printed on 80lb satin cover paper and shipped flat in a rigid mailer. This Calamitous Life The Sound of Breaking Glass An effort to get the Circle of Light survivors to join the quest did little except persuade them to go find Thunder Clash themselves. Black order parts can be "painted" quite easily with a Silver Sharpie, and Silver Parts with a Black Sharpie depending on your prefrence. Twenty Plus One Finding the guard, who had mutated into a ravenous Sparkeater, they kept it alive and docile using turbofox meals. Rodimus getting chummy with Megatron is even used by Getaway as another reason why the crew has decided he's unfit to lead them, amongst others. After being bought by Rodimus, he rounds up a crew to search for the Knights of Cybertron. Towards Peace Among other changes, Swerve assigned the reprogrammed Legislator "Ten" as his new bouncer, Whirl was appointed as "Entertainments Officer", bringing on a large cache of Earth movies, and Bluestreak became the latest bartender at Swerve's. Transformers collector? The Unitrex-1 was constructed in the city of Unitrex five million years ago, the first ship outfitted with new experimental generator on board. rodimus prime - Freeform; MTMTE; Lost Light; NSFW; NSFW text; valveplug; Lemon; Reader Insert; x Reader; rodimus x reader; rodimus takes reader to hedonia and they bang; I Wrote This For Me; so if you like it let me know lol; idw rodimus; idk what else to tag this; fucking in holoform; Summary. Description Summary If you are a fan of the Transformers then you are most likely aware of the IDW Comics More Than Meets The Eye and Lost Light series. Last Light, Under Getaway's command, the ship actually began making progress towards finding Cyberutopia with a schedule to adhere to and rules as well as ceasing all the side-quests to help out aliens. Six months after the defeat of Shockwave's plans, the Lost Light finally departed Cybertron once more. Tyrest arrested the entire crew with the help of his army of Legislator robots, The Fecund Moon House of Ambus but the Lost Light was liberated when Tailgate shut down all the Legislators by repealing the code of law that controlled them. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Megatron had it brought aboard; right about then, things began to disappear—a batch of nucleon rods, one of Swerve's Engex vats, bits of signs, doors, bulkheads, even whole crew members. As the ship headed towards its next destination, it encountered a coffin floating in space. When the time for the jump came however, the Lost Light wound up back on Cybertron. The Protectobots attempted to escape the ship and tell Optimus Prime what had happended but were captured by Getaway's brainwashed troops and placed in memory loops while Riptide was shoved into the scraplet infested oil-reservoir. A Spark Among Embers. The One Where They Go to Earth, Then it turned out the reason for Swerve's ailment was an infection, caused by a bullet shot at him by the enigmatic Agent 113, as the agent's means of transmitting data to his fellow Autobots. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. This set off an unusual surge of energy from Tailgate, which washed the entire ship in a brilliant burst of light. Create an account Why an account? Transformers: Lost Light #5. It cannot be stalled. “Pin the stupid piece of slag on him, and let’s get it over with!” “Whirl did the design himself,” Tailgate announced loudly. IDW Publishing's Transformers: Lost Light #5 by James Roberts & Jack Lawrence. Words Hang in the Air. The FreeCAD file is included here so you can modify it if you would like. The Permanent Revolution Births, Deaths, and Interventions, The version of the Lost Light sent off-course by the explosion at launch appeared over an unknown planet. “WELCOME TO THE LOST LIGHT!” beautiful Rodimus lines by Btfly009 on dA, colors by me! On top, the ship carries a group of "fuel quills", essential to its operation. Under Cold Blue Stars Drift volunteered to take the fall for Rodimus, allowing himself to be banished for bringing Overlord on board. As the crew said their last goodbyes, construction cranes began disassembling the Lost Light. This is the award Rodimus Prime would give out to people for doing cool stuff. This is a very nice representation of the fearless Autobot warrior as he was seen in the original IDW Lost Light comics. Follow. How To Say Goodbye And Mean It: Part 2. You can help Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki by expanding it. While not officially said outright, we can assume that Rodimus … Fortunately, they did, and the projected peril was soon no more. Though they only intended to stay overnight, the crew wound up staying with the travelling show for three weeks, learning how to juggle in the process. SG rodimus lost light. This downtime was short-lived, however, as Shockwave's final endgame revealed itself with the arrival of seventy billion Ammonites and the incipient collapse of space-time. Full Circle Filling in the Blanks Riptide's natural immunity to the nudge gun allowed him escape the predators and he quickly freed the Protectobots so Defensor could reclaim the ship. s i l l y t i m e. #rotundimus #transformers #maccadam #rodimus lost light #mtmte #my art #tf #lost light rodimus #rodimus #roundimus. With the help of Whirl, they had been trying to either get Megatron killed or thrown of the ship, and thanks to Getaway carefully working his magic over Tailgate, the little 'bot had been tricked into provoking Megatron, unaware Megatron's reaction would cost him his life. Transformers happy shiny Rodimus The Becoming Amid swarming masses of foes, the Lost Light frantically lifted off, but soon set down again to discharge Megatron, Bumblebee, and a small team, with the intent of taking the fight to Shockwave. About. Rodimus Prime is a reformatted version of the Autobot Hot Rod. Meanwhile, for his being a double agent, Brainstorm was summoned up before the L.L.I.L.A.C. His dead body was interred in a coffin made from parts of the ship's engine case, and Ultra Magnus succeeded him as captain. Transformers: Lost Light #20 is a great conclusion to Rodimus’ hunt for Getaway and the Lost Light. Share Share Tweet Email. Sometimes I find the best way to start saying "goodbye" is to get straight to business. The ship's departure was stalled, however, by the trial of Megatron. It was one one of the many ships that brought back millions of Non-combatants after the war had ended. Theorizing that the Decepticons were behind the destruction of Crystal City, Rodimus decided to take the Lost Light near the Argon Nebulae, where Decepticon activity had been reported. The Road Not Taken The Permanent Revolution, Seventeen months later, a massive battle occurred around the derelict Lost Light between the Black Block Consortia and the Galactic Council over the quantum engines. The Lost light is the Spaceship used by Rodimus and his 200 crew in their quest for the fabled Knights of Cybertron. Now no longer feeling beholden to Rodimus, Drift confessed to Magnus about Overlord's presence on the ship. Rodimus (Legends) 3 more owners. Predestination: An Expert's Guide No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases, The Unitrex-1 was eventually discovered drifting near Vela Pulsar by a group of Mortilus-worshipping NAILs who had left Cybertron during the war. Though the combiner initially gave a good account of himself, he was felled by Star Saber with only First Aid, Riptide, and a heavily wounded Thunderclash managing to escape the Lost Light. Deep within its bowels are the ship's fuel furnaces, powered or at least partly dependent upon nucleon rods, and manned by the Pyrobots. alpacalamamama. Several members of the crew were injured fighting the group—including Rewind, whose misfortune was leveraged by Drift to convince Chromedome to help with the Overlord project. Comment. And then Whirl implanted a Point One Percenter spark in Megatron's body, restoring the timeline. Later, the crew held an "Earth Dance" party, and the Lost Light gained a new crewmember in Velocity, one of Nautica's sorority friends. It didn't work. More from Jj. Before they could really get underway on their new mission, however, they were literally pulled off course by Metroplex's thumb, which began levitating and pushing against the ship's bulkhead. His shock was soon compounded as the Lost Light itself began to disintegrate, more and more pieces vanishing into thin air. Examining what was left of the data the crew found a message to the planet of the mysterious Necrobot. The crew evacuated aboard the ship's shuttles, as the Lost Light disappeared completely. Discover more posts about rodimus-lost-light. Rodimus 5x7" Fanart Print/Poster 5x7" print of Rodimus from IDW's Transformers: More than Meets the Eye & Lost Light comic series. Finally, the ship swooped down in time to rescue the strike team from the collapsing singularity that resulted from the successful derailment of Shockwave's plans. Saved by isabella gonzalo isabella gonzalo Then, after a skirmish on Miliarium, several crewmembers were subject to a psychic attack. The chase led them to an most unexpected destination: Cybertron's long-lost moon, Luna 1, where the crew became embroiled in the insane plans of Magnus's superior officer, the unhinged Chief Justice Tyrest, who had remotely summoned Magnus to him. It was then that Tailgate came up with a plan to use the "time phone" to contact Cybertron in their past and try and change the future. In the aftermath, the Lost Light touched down on Cybertron, its mission complete. Journey's End, It was all for naught however as Cyberutopia soon revealed itself to be nothing more than an elaborate illusion created by the ancient medical moon of Mederi. Geschäft lost light rodi rodimus masken entworfen von inkpocket sowie andere rodimus waren an TeePublic. 477 notes. The Unitrex-1 was constructed in the city of Unitrex five million years ago, the first ship outfitted with new experimental generator on board. It was one one of the many ships that brought back millions of Non-combatants after the war had ended. It was the first day of the Lost Light Festival, a traditional Iaconian week long celebration that welcomed the beginnings of a new year with feasts, charity, gifts, music, and enjoyment. Help. Words Hang in the Air Rodimus was shocked when Megatron showed him the contents of the coffin: it was his own deceased body! The Lost Light was ripped to pieces by the fighting, its quantum foam left drifting through space among its shattered chunks, while the coffin containing Rodimus's body broke free and drifted off into space. Twenty Plus One. Alex Milne, Nick Roche, Jack Lawrence, Jin Kim. Filling in the Blanks, Three weeks later, Optimus Prime, seeing the recorded last wills and testament of the stranded crewmembers, demanded Jetfire get in contact with the ship, only for the scientist to point out they either weren't responding or couldn't. The Unofficial Point One Percenter. This is a very nice representation of the fearless Autobot warrior as he was seen in the original IDW Lost Light comics. The Not Knowing, Some time after, the crew received a joyous announcement from Rodimus: They'd actually accomplished something, in that they'd found Thunderclash, and he was dying! Meanwhile, Froid appeared in a shuttle carrying the infamous serial killer Sunder. Unfortunately, Magnus was not the only person to whom this information was revealed: unbeknownst to the crew, Brainstorm was a Decepticon sleeper agent, who informed the Decepticon Justice Division that Overlord was aboard the Lost Light and invited them to come and get rid of him. During one of Chromedome's mnemosurgical incursions into Overlord's mind, the Decepticon escaped his cell Remembrance Day and went on a killing spree through the ship that left multiple dead and Ultra Magnus critically injured. In the wake of the confrontation with the Decepticon Justice Division on Necroworld, the marooned Team Rodimus attempts to return to the Lost Light with the help of the "Disappeared"—the various time travelling Transformers plucked from across time and space. Demoted to Dragon : After Getaway shows up on Mederi, the Lost Light is suddenly sporting the symbol of the Architects on … Plus, something is coming. Fortunately, they didn't. Oct 20, 2020 - Rodimus expressions - lost light, – popular memes on the site When Team Rodimus arrived at Mederi, Getaway baited Rodimus aboard the ship intending to detonate the fuel furnace and kill them both. Lost Light Halloween Movie Night Movie cult classics: The Excorsist, The Shining, Scream, Friday the 13th, ChainSaw Massacre, A Night on Elm Street, and The Blaire Witch Project ~ … Black Planet After dropping off the strike team, the ship took to the air once again, its weapons picking off some 10,000 Ammonites as the battle raged. Joining the crew after their journey was underway: Joining the crew after their return to Cybertron or after their subsequent second departure: Joining the crew after Getaway stranded Team Rodimus on Necroworld. Rodimus's exploration team discovered a slumbering Titan beneath Crystal City... but Chromedome's attempts to hack into the behemoth's mind caused it to reactivate and fire a blast of energy into space, damaging the Benign Intervention and incurring the full wrath of its troops.