32 talking about this. artbeat; Recommended Posts. SM Entertainment is the home of multi-talented artists who are slaying in every field, may it be in singing, dancing, rapping, or having an excellent visual! 808 people follow this. ביהדות לכוחן של מילים, סמלים וצורות גאומטריות יש משמעות רבה. :revolving_hearts. In case you didn’t know, Dongpyo used to be in a Korean K-Pop Dance Group called ARTBEAT. You’ll see the Broadcast option wh... hihi, is this community active? ARTBEAT is an experienced team of artists, software developers and producers with a vast number of successful projects, in the country and around the globe, under their belt. In the era of huge art print corporations churning out prints by the thousands focused on speed and quantity with no attention to detail, we felt there was a need in the market for highest quality focused wall art. He is a member of the trainee group DSP N and a former member of the project boy group X1. Jun Sep 9, 2020 08:22 pm him and Sieun are hella close if you ACTUALLY CARE TO WATCH THE FULL … FOLLOW. By the way, the member, Miya-chan, is a Japanese from Shizuoka! KARD debuted through the song