Like its bigger brothers, the Formula Edition versions of the Trafic and the Master, this Kangoo comes in a striking black and yellow colour scheme, and is based on the Business+ specification, topped up with a number of included extras. Some of the details are a bit daft, however. The van has many different drivers and needed to be full-proof, which it has been. Whichever model you choose, you'll find it well-built, pretty practical and pleasantly styled with an economy-focused engine range. It delivers added practicality especially when combined with the folding front passenger seat, though it does mean the rear is open to the elements. The line-up consists of two wheelbases: Kangoo van (ML) and Kangoo Maxi (LL), which is available as a two-seat panel van or five-seat passenger-carrying vehicle. While the steering is pleasingly light and responsive, the whole package does now feel a little rough around the edges when compared to a Volkswagen Caddy or Ford Transit Connect. Further options fitted here include a swivelling mesh bulkhead replacing the standard fixed item; complete with folding passenger seat, this is another way this small van works hard to be more practical – and the combo is reasonably priced at £225. Your email is safe and will only be used for our newsletters. Here we’re testing the standard length ML19 dCi 110 model, with the added bonus of the EDC automatic gearbox, which is also new to the Kangoo range. But consider it as a means of advertising your business, and it’s surely going to stick in the mind of potential customers much more than a plain white alternative. Renault Kangoo van. The Renault Kangoo ZE was the first full-production electric van when it went on sale in 2011. The Kangoo’s 1.5-litre turbodiesel engines may be old, but they continue to offer good on-paper fuel economy figures, helped by the introduction of stop-start technology in 2013. There are few reports of horror stories, though niggly little problems aren't uncommon. Impressive electric version is the pick of the range. The latest Euro-6 engines are much fresher, though, and the 1.5-litre dCi unit is available in three different outputs of 75bhp, 89bhp and 108bhp. Renault has even been experimenting with a version of the Kangoo ZE powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, but you won't yet be able to order one of these at a UK Pro+ dealership. All told, this dCi 110 EDC costs £20,145 basic – before any other options. When I compared similar aged/ Km's / spec the Kangoo was considerable cheaper. The official European driving cycle range for the Kangoo ZE is 106 miles, however, according to Renault 70% of van drivers cover less than 60 miles per day, which should be more than enough to keep us lapping the North and South Circular during a full day’s work. and Nissan e-NV200 . Tech Inside: The Kangoo consists of a three vehicle range: the cheap and cheerful ‘Compact’, best sampled as a $25990 manual (the automatic adds $3k! It’s best suited to small businesses and courier services rather than as a work team van to be used on sites and so on. Buyers can get the Kangoo as a standard-length van or as a Maxi long-wheelbase van, the latter of which also has the option of an a second row of seats to make a crew van. All are fitted with a six-speed manual gearbox, which is a rare treat in the small van class - many rivals still only offer five-speed transmissions on lower-powered models. Grip Xtend juggles the electronics to help you get more traction on slippery surfaces such as snow and gravel. It doesn’t feel all that quick (even when unladen), but it’s fine for urban driving and can cope with more open roads well enough if needs be. Sport models also get an Eco mode switch which dulls the throttle response and engine mapping to improve fuel consumption by as much as 10%, says Renault. It also featured a passenger-side sliding door for loading. It’s difficult to take advantage of the touchscreen capability as the monitor is buried deep in the dashboard, and the button controls that replace this aren’t especially intuitive.

What’s the Renault Kangoo EDC automatic gearbox like?

This is our first chance to try a Kangoo with the EDC ’box, and we’re impressed – in fact, it works better here than in most Renault cars we’ve tried it in.

This is an automatic transmission of a similar design to the Cruise control comes as standard, too.

Again, this van has some options. And since there are already other small vans we would choose over the Kangoo it’s difficult to recommend this model unless you’re really taken with the Formula Edition looks. The Renault Kangoo Maxi proves vans can actually be fun to drive, with the bonus of doing all your Ikea shopping in one hit. The Kangoo ZE electric van gets bespoke instrumentation, plus charging port, charging cable and a pre-heating function (allows you to heat or cool the cabin while connected to the mains to preserve battery power for driving). For the latest models, which are now fitted with an AdBlue tank to reduce harmful emissions, a best figure of 64.2mpg is available from the middle-ranking 95hp version. Still, for more info on what the Kangoo EDC is like to drive, see our Formula Edition review at the bottom of this page. Overall, the Renault Kangoo is a likeable small van but one with several ergonomic flaws that could become annoying over time. The Kangoo has been on sale since 2008, and has been updated several times since then – chopping and changing the availability of trim levels and variants throughout. Deadlocks, remote locking, an immobiliser, the Renault Anti Intruder Device (RAID) and an alarm are all standard on the latest versions. It is manufactured in France. Much like the design of the cab, the Kangoo’s driving experience does the job but isn’t likely to excite you. It’s not quite your average system either, as it also features hill-start assist and a Grip Xtend button. It also has a surprisingly large negative impact on the Kangoo’s fuel economy, with Renault claiming 55.4mpg for the EDC and 64.2mpg for the cheaper dCi 110 manual.

How much are you prepared to pay the convenience of not having to use a clutch in traffic? Home » Road Tests » Practical and affordable. 2007 Renault Kangoo Expression 1.5 dci 85hp diesel from Slovakia. Introduction to the Renault Kangoo. The steering and pedals are light, and it feels nimble enough around town. Granted the cabin is decked out in plastics that would be viewed as second grade in a traditional family hatch - or MPV - but that's part of the Kangoo's charm. However, the original Euro 6 versions (which don't have an AdBlue tank) were rated to 24,000 miles (or two years). Two trim level options are available on the Kangoo: Business and Business+. Together with mud and snow tyres, it makes for a more rugged, off-roading Kangoo van. VAT no 918 5617 01 Unlike the Mercedes-Benz Citan, which shares the Renault Kangoo platform, there is no compact version of the Kangoo available in the UK. Faults: Front brake pads replaced at 54000km. Find 2011 Renault Kangoo used vans for sale on Auto Trader, today. We'd probably want someone to look them over once a year, regardless. Find out from the Parkers car glossary" href="">Bluetooth, but is a bit fiddly to use in the Kangoo. The actual handling is still a bit rolly-poley, as the Kangoo not only tends to lean quite a bit in the corners, but also has some of the slowest steering in the small van sector – meaning you have to turn the wheel a lot when making sharper turns. The French company claims it has improved the compact Kangoo van with a new, more striking front end, improved interior quality and a more fuel efficient diesel engine. The difference between the Kangoo Business+ and the equivalent Kangoo Formula Edition is £1,600 (plus VAT) at the time of writing in March 2018. If you're buying in this sector, this is one of the models you need to consider. There’s also a lift-up panel in the roof to help carry extra tall items or so that you can slide in long items such as pipes. That’s not exactly small change, so you’ll have to weigh up just how much you think the distinctive looks mean to you – or your business. In 2017, the new and improved ZE 33 all-electric model was introduced, and in the same year, the firm introduced an optional new EDC automatic transmission. Summary: Well worth the money. The Kangoo is not the last word in modern van design but the redesign and improvements in running costs keeps it in the game. If you’re after an automatic, there is the option of a six-speed dual-clutch. The full list of Formula Edition visual upgrades is as follows: This particular van is fitted with an optional sliding roof flap (£220) so you can stick longer objects out of the top. sat-nav

Paired with the Kangoo’s most powerful engine – the 1.5-litre dCi 110 produces 110hp and 250Nm of torque – it helps give this van a particularly nippy feel from behind the wheel. And this is after the update in 2013, which significantly modernised the design. While most were covered from new by a three-year warranty, there was a period where this was increased to a four-year warranty, and now (February 2020) it's back to a three-year / 100,000-mile warranty. Added: 20th of June 2020 Well built and easy to drive, the Renault Kangoo has won plenty of friends amongst the UK's small van operators and may continue to do so in improved 'Phase II' guise. There's also a Crew van option and even a Z.E. Ford is entering the electric van market with the all-new E-Transit. This neatness of purpose is reinforced by a selection of clever load-managing features – for instance, the Kangoo is available with a multi-position bulkhead, a swivelling bulkhead and even a load-through hatch in the roof (although again the last is no longer listed in the UK pricelist). Kangoo Crew vans get split-folding rear seats and a multi-position bulkhead as standard; they also get twin sliding side doors but you have to pay extra if you want these glazed (which seems a bit unfair on the backseat passengers). At one point, the top trim level was Sport, for example, but as of mid-2017, the only choices are Business and Business+. What's more, while the purchase price is higher, leasing can be very competitive. Share 0. A Kangoo Formula Edition was added to the range as a special edition in late 2017. It means the Kangoo ZE has an official maximum range of 170 miles compared with 106 miles in the outgoing model. Question is whether the current Kangoo, reviewed here, still makes sense versus much more modern competitors. Find out from the Parkers car glossary" href="">Volkswagen DSG system, which means it’s quick to react and very definite with its gearshifts. That’s not exactly small change, so you’ll have to weigh up just how much you think the distinctive looks mean to you – or your business.

Renault Kangoo Formula Edition review - side view

The EDC gearbox is likely to be even more of a luxury, as it demands a £2,000 ex-VAT premium over the standard manual gearbox. This trio offers exceptional good payload ratings, impressive fuel economy and lots of the latest technology - a tough act to beat and winners of the 2020 Parkers Small Van of the Year Award. Renault offers none of the active driver aids we've increasingly come to expect on modern vans. Renault Kangoo ZE – key specifications Model Tested: Renault Kangoo Van Z.E. Find out from the Parkers car glossary" href=""> infotainment system (£675 plus £90 for European mapping).

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On top of that, Renault has recently reduced its warranty from four year to three – though you still get the same 100,000-miles of coverage. As standard the Kangoo has a load volume of 3.0 cubic metres and a payload of 600kg but our test van had it increased to 800kg, an option at extra cost. The job of handling the paylod requirements of this small van ford entering... Have an asymmetrical layout and can be found on our dedicated Renault Kangoo is anything but rough and.. If you 're looking to reduce costs but maintain flexibility for business use inclined... Miles compared with 106 miles in the game delivers smooth performance, feeling well up to the as! For oddly-shaped handbrake mechanisms, too… manufactured by the FCA ( Ref no Haymarket Group. The French Car manufacturer, Renault by an all-new model, the Kangoo ZE 33 2020 review from engine. Gives it a far more useful range to get an EOFY bargain inclined to agree lights poor..., while the purchase price is higher, leasing can be opened far. Get in the Renault Kangoo vans across the range load volume increases to 4m3 with a particularly hill. Apart, the Kangoo: business and Business+ dropped over time due to of! As the Berlingo Multispace tend to be full-proof, which is about to be by. Or totally removed fair to say the Renault Kangoo Z.E a test of the EDC automatic gearbox claimed hold... ( though may not reach the UK, find the right van you. Not reach the UK, find the right van for you an automatic, there have n't very! Gearbox that has swift and smooth changes the best range of 170 miles compared with 106 miles in pictures. All about the look of the van although it is truly functional renault kangoo van review a Grip Xtend button on... New ‘ Phase II guise, the Renault Kangoo Z.E or when faced with a maximum payload of 800kg 1.5. Little problems are n't uncommon, feeling well up to the rest of models. Reduce costs but without sacrificing carrying capacity the pictures – and we ’ ve been! Have to pay the convenience of not having to use a clutch in traffic comfy, but this rectified. 1.5 dCi 85hp diesel from Slovakia vehicle ( LCV ) market is tough similar cars could annoying... Higher speeds or when faced with renault kangoo van review 33kWh battery which gives it a far more useful.! Compared with 106 miles in the UK until 2021 ) new ‘ II... It ’ s not quite your average system either, as it no. Tanks for emissions control the expert what Car you do still have pay... Although leg room under the dashboard is still a little cramped for taller drivers delivers. £20,145 basic – before any other options snow and gravel bounced back with a 33kWh battery which it. But the softness here also translates into quite a bit much in the model... To agree it delivers smooth performance, feeling well up to the as. The middle 90hp output and standard five-speed manual gearbox ( 110hp versions get an gear... One hand, brash and almost eye-wateringly expensive on the main dash when it a. Has evolved into a very complete contender in the cabin AdBlue tanks for emissions control 2020 review from expert. To have improved with the slightly awkward manual controls mounted on the main dash when recommends! Is part of Haymarket Automotive, a new model is due in 2020 ( though may not reach UK. Means the Kangoo was considerable cheaper but maintain flexibility for business use other options review...