Lift the film up to the half-way point, and spray both sides of the film and the vehicle with the alcohol and water solution. Scotchcal is a film manufactured by the 3M company. We recommend our users to update the browser. Spray The PET Protection Side: Find the PET Protection side of your film and spray it down with your slip solution. only apply liquidshield to oem paint and metal surfaces. Don’t consider applying paint protection yourself as it really needs to be carried out by a professional, trained with the products they have chosen to use. ONLY APPLY LIQUIDSHIELD TO OEM PAINT AND METAL SURFACES. Ask a 3M PPF Expert It costs about $25 and contains enough material to coat the bottom third of your hood. Do not use cleaning materials that can damage the PPF, such as rough sponges, powder-based cleaners, paper towels, power buffers, or high-pressure water hoses. The film was applied to vulnerable areas of the new vehicle’s paint. If the film is properly applied to a fully cured painted vehicle, it can be removed, usually in one piece, without damaging paint surfaces beneath the film. If this happens, wait until the curing process is complete. For the tack solution, use a combination of water and isopropyl alcohol. When you’ve cleaned the vehicle surface, here’s what to do next: Cut Your Film: Cut out the area of PPF you want to work with, leaving a little extra film on the sides to work with. Remove these contaminants as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. Keep the adhesive wet during application to facilitate repositioning. You can use installation gel to make life easier when installing paint protection film. Car paint protection film from Avery Dennison is a durable, clear, and flexible covering for your vehicle, usually constructed out of acrylic, urethane, or polyurethane film. If you have used a steamer, there should be minimal adhesive residue left behind. Apply the Sealant: Spray the sealant across the entire surface, going over the surface three times with separate layers of sealant. Water: Fill a regular spray bottle with water Paint protection film looks and works much better, but professional installation costs about $500. with a roll of paper towels or a block of wood. This allows the clear coat to find its natural level again after being disturbed on the surface, in Australian conditions this means even when you park your car in the sun – it starts to self heal back to clear form. We asked 3M product expert Todd Mathes to walk us through the prep and application process for DIY paint protection film. Make sure you remove all traces of bug splatter and tar. Slide the film to the area you wish to apply, the purpose of the sliding action is to prevent and avoid bubbles trapped between the film as well as the car’s surface. This is when you’ll want to apply a paint protection film or ceramic coating – or at least, is the best time to do so. Dealers soon realized the earning potential in up-selling a showroom-new car with film added to the leading edges, rocker panels, door edges, mirrors and the painted areas behind the wheel wells. Alcohol/Tack Solution: Fill a regular spray bottle with 15% isopropyl alcohol and 85% water XPEL ULTIMATE Paint Protection Film uses a special polymer in its clear coat that flows even though it is cured. So check the weather report and pick a time when it’ll be cool, dry and calm. After you’ve prepped your surface, you’re ready to apply the paint protection film with installation gel. Proceed on laying the film over clean table, remove the liner and spray the solution on the exposed adhesive. Heat Gun/Steamer: As previously noted, a steamer is ideal when removing PPF, as it creates minimal adhesive residue left behind on the vehicle surface. Reapply When Necessary: For best results, it’s necessary to reapply the sealant whenever the car is washed. The budget caters for all prep work on the vehicle and required kits. The best ones last up to a decade, if maintained. Clean the Vehicle Surface: After the PPF has been removed, clean the vehicle surface, and make sure any leftover adhesive is wiped away. Then remove all the film (Photo 5). Wheel Arches, Best Window Tint Rolls to Purchase for Your Business, Anti-Microbial Film's Testing on PureZone. Issues with aftermarket/repaired paint are not warranted by SunTek. The film Once the poly is in place, apply the synthetic wax included with the product (Photo 2). Squirt a dollop of wax onto the hood and work it in with a microfiber towel. Bras are not only ugly but also lower gas mileage and trap road grit, which damages the paint. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply paint protection film without damaging your car: Ensure the removal of all dust, bugs, tar or oil stains from your car’s exterior. Here’s a comprehensive list of all the tools you’ll need to apply paint protection film in a professional manner: Installation Gel: Use installation gel with a pressure spray bottle Make sure that your cutter blades are sharp. I bought the paint protection film to apply on my bicycle and so I bought the squeegee to go with it. Door Handle Applying installation gel is very straightforward and it takes a few minutes Microfiber Cloth (big and small): Although you can use any cloth for prepping and cleaning surfaces, a microfiber cloth provides the best results This film is also used on airplanes, RVs, cell phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles and many other areas. For best results, use a two-solution application method when working with paint protection film. This includes removing any grease or wax that may be present as this can hinder the adhesion properties of the film. This angle is important to ensure sure that the adhesive comes off with the film rather than staying on the paint. Apply another layer of tape to form the clean edge between the spray film and the rest of the hood (Photo 1). Continue wiping until the surface is free of haze. Then spread sheeting on the ground to catch any overspray. Apply a fresh layer of … It is coated on one side with a strong adhesive that will not damage auto paint. Now there’s a product that DIYers can apply to protect against paint chips—spray-on/peel-off paint protection film. Spray The Vehicle Surface: Spray your vehicle surface with slip solution. Does Scotchgard™ Pro Series Paint Protection Film resist yellowing? ALWAYS TEST ON AN INCONSPICUOUS AREA BEFORE APPLYING. Designed to apply quick and remove easy, our temporary paint protection film is the best solution for some additional protection on the track! Squeegee Out The Gel: Using a squeegee, carefully scrape and push out the installation gel from under the PPF layer. Carefully apply the first layer and then the second layer directly below it. Paint protection film (clear bra) can be applied to your whole vehicle. See below the more typical coverage areas and contact a store to find out about our Wear ‘n’ Tear Packs available. What Type of Paint Protection Products Are Available? Click on the red dots to see common application areas. The warranty period is one year in Zone 1. This prep stage essentially remains the same regardless of whether you’re working with slip solution or installation gel. Here’s how it’s done. You only have a 10-minute window. Carefully follow these steps: Cut The Film: Measure the area you’re covering with film, and then cut the correct amount of film, giving yourself a little extra film around the edges to work with. Spray the Entire Surface: Move on to the vehicle surface and completely spray it with installation gel. We recommend mixing two drops of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo into a 1000 mL bottle for your slip solution. Applying a layer of installation gel on the vehicle surface reduces the chance of entrapment and lift lines underneath the paint protection film Wipe the excess off the edges with a rag. Carefully cut away the excess PPF, leaving a clean line behind. Scotchcal is available in a variety of thicknesses and colors. For stubborn insect, bird dropping, or hard water stains, use an all-purpose degreaser such as … It is far easier to cause damage than it is to get it right. Spraying the film with this solution will help wash the soap solution away and will allow the squeegee to slide easily. Overlap each row slightly. And maybe you can try it at home, if you're an expert at applying paint-protection film. from the bottom edge of the hood. (safe on clear bras and wraps) Washing your hands reduces the chance of leaving fingerprints and oily marks on the vehicle surface. LLumar’s clear bra films are an easy way to keep your factory or custom paint … 3M will remove the damaged film, repair the damaged area and apply new film. Make sure all excess slip solution is removed. Make sure that the PPF is positioned correctly before moving on to the next step, because repositioning the film becomes extremely difficult after the next few stages have been completed. You can remove the PPF at any point, and it’s a relatively easy process. You can pull and stretch the film without any heat application, as this Garware PPF has a level of flexibility that naturally conforms to curved surfaces. Applying Sealant Solution is an excellent final step to provide your PPF with even more resiliency and long-lasting wear. Thoroughly clean the area of the vehicle that protection film will be applied. We recommend weakening the film using a spudge tool to eliminate film lifting errors. This 8-mil-thick film provides a durable, maintenance-free transparent matte finish that also helps to preserve the depth of the colour. What is paint protection film and why should it be applied? An alternative method for applying paint protection film involves using a soap solution. Next, tape the top of the “T” to the hood. 3M is the only auto paint protection film manufacturer to offer paint coverage with the paint protection film installation. Another factor that could make a difference in your Paint Protection Film installation price is how difficult it will be to apply Paint Protection Film to your specific car. Park the car in a shaded area the night before. A hot engine will heat the hood and force-dry the spray between coats, defeating its self-leveling feature. You must instruct your customers not to wash the car with water for at least 3 days in summer, and at least 7 days in winter. Our Paint Protection Film is guaranteed for six years against yellowing, cracking, bubbling or peeling, providing fitment is carried out to manufacturers’ specifications. It is applied to a car’s surfaces. Look for oil marks, dead insects, dust, or anything else that might get in the way when you apply your film. Park the car in the sun and let it dry for two to four hours. Never use pigmented or paste waxes on the film. With the paint protection film locked in place, the installer uses an application squeegee to force the liquid and any air bubbles out from between the paint and the paint protection film. Paint Protection Film is applied first to the portions of your vehicle that will be most susceptible to rock chips or scratches from road debris. Get a squeegee and … Paint Protection Film obviously is a two-dimensional piece of material that has to be shaped or molded around a three dimensional object. Tuck the flaps under the hood and tape them inside the engine compartment to prevent them from moving while you spray. Once complete, waxes and other treatments can be applied on top and the bodywork can be treated just like the original paint. Apply the Paint Protection Film: With all surfaces sprayed with installation gel, you’re ready to apply the film to the vehicle surface. Continue squeegeeing until all of the gel is completely removed from the installation area. Remove Stains: Using water spray and a cleaning pad, remove as many stains as you can find on the vehicle surface. Door Edges Due to high demand 50ft rolls(automotive) are currently unavailable. Able to operate in a fast-paced and changing market environment. Make sure that every inch that you wish to cover with PPF is soaked in a layer of installation gel. Spray all three coats in one continuous motion (don’t stop and start at the ends of each row or coat). Next, pop the hood and prop it open about 4 in. Karlor’s vinyl wrap film is the least expensive product on this list. Spray the Adhesive Side: Remove the liner film side of the PPF and spray the now-exposed adhesive side of the film with installation gel. Starting at the grille, use a scissors to cut straight up the center of the poly, stopping about 18 in. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film Application Guide for Professional Applicators Page 6 Scotchgard PPF Removal Continued… If the film is difficult to remove due to age or cold temperatures, then a steamer can be used. Installation Instructions for 3M Paint Protection Film. Some high-end luxury sports cars would have the car’s nose and side mirrors wrapped to protect them from rock chips at speed. Cleaning excess installation gel from the paint protection gel is also very easy, and you can remove it quickly for a clean final product. Until recently, you only had two ways to protect the hood: install a “bra” or apply paint protection film. Formerly a pros-only product, paint protection film is now available in easy-to-apply spray-on kits. Regular maintenance and care can keep cars looking better for longer periods of time. Does the PPF Work as Advertised : As an industry, PPF is less susceptible to gimmicks and marketing buzz-terms. Fill the other spray bottle with a 60% water, 40% Isopropyl Alcohol solution. There are a number of important benefits to using installation gel: After applying a layer of installation gel, it becomes easier to reposition your paint protection film and make sure everything is lined up perfectly. Direct sunlight can be an issue when applying installation gel. Ensure that every part of the vehicle you want to cover with film is adequately soaked with slip solution. Prepping the surface before you apply your film is crucial. Lift up a top corner and pull the paint protection film down toward the bottom of the hood to release as large a piece as possible. A steamer is also helpful in cold conditions, or in circumstances where the PPF has been weathered considerably. Immediately spray a second layer, moving up and down over the same section. Remove Excess Film: There will be a bit of excess film around the edges. Issues with aftermarket/repaired paint are not warranted by SunTek. Side Mirrors Starting at the tape line and spraying down to the bottom edge of the hood, spray the product continuously in alternating left to right rows at the rate of two seconds per foot. Paint protection can also be applied to second-hand used cars, though often these vehicles will need to have a professional detailer to a full paint correction detail first, adding to the expense. Lift up a top corner and pull the paint protection film down toward the bottom of the hood to release as large a piece as possible. Paint protection film, also known as clear bra or PPF, is an invisible adhesive-backed film that is applied over your car’s paint to protect it from rock chips, scratches and swirls. A heat gun or hairdryer can also be effective, but it can leave behind adhesive residue on the vehicle surface, which requires more thorough cleaning. Our clear protective film adds extra paint protection to your car or motorcycle while out on the track. Paint protection film is the most effective way of protecting vehicles road damages such as stone chips, debris, scratches etc.This thin invisible paint protection is designed to save cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and other types of vehicles creating a stone gard, protecting against day to day paint damages. Once the degreaser has been sprayed over the vehicle and it has been prepared for installation and dried, the film solution can be sprayed over the area where the paint protection film will be applied first. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. PPF may be applied to cars, sports and exotic cars, SUVs, trucks, vans, recreational vehicles and even motorcycles. Make the second tape line as straight as possible, and press down along the edge to seal it to the hood as you apply. Prepare the Sealant: Vigorously shake the sealant bottle before use. This method can be especially advantageous when working with curved surfaces, as it helps you avoid stretch marks and other related issues. 5 years experience in installation of automotive window film and or Paint Protection Film Understanding of customer and market dynamics. However, given the tight tolerances on weight, balance and other factors on some aircraft, it is highly recommended to consult with the manufacturer of the airplane for strict guidance. Leave The Surface To Dry: As with the installation gel method, instruct customers to refrain from washing their car with water for at least 3 days in the summer, and 7 days in the winter. This content is imported from YouTube. The paint on the leading edge of car hoods is on the front line for gravel and sand damage. Hood > Best car waxes and polishes Just make sure that you follow these steps when removing the film: Lift The Corners: Find the corners of the PPF and carefully lift by pulling outwards at a 90-degree angle. Lift up the edges of the film and spray the alcohol/water solution under the film. However, it’s important to verify through third-party reviews, and looking into the technology infused in PPF to ensure it does what the manufacturer claims. METHOD 2: Applying the Paint Protection Film With Soap Solution. Once applied, it dries into a clear film. If you choose to still have SunTek Paint Protection Film installed over fresh paint, the common waiting period is 30 days for the paint to outgas. The service agreement (PDF, 2.5 MB) covers the car’s paint under the areas where paint protection film has been applied. Prepare The Slip Solution: Shake your slip solution bottle vigorously before the next step and coat your hands in the slip solution. Avoid pressing too hard when cleaning your PPF. The film is often self-healing. It’s best to work as quickly as possible and squeeze out as much gel as you can with the squeegee over a short period of time Protect your car from chips, scratches, rocks, and salt with an invisible layer of paint protection. When applying the sealant solution, it’s important to closely follow these steps: Remove Dust: Take a damp cloth and dust the entire PPF surface to remove all dust particles. Keep Adhesive Wet: During the stretching process, keep the adhesive wet at all times to allow for repositioning and the reduction of stop lines. Or, give your car a whole new look with a full matte paint protection film wrap. Bumpers In the vast majority of cases, these bubbles will disappear as the curing process progresses. Then use both hands to pull the old film up and across the hood. 3M recommends a wallpaper or clothes steamer, which is available in stores To ensure the longevity of your paint protection film, there are a number of maintenance tips that can help. Paint protection film (PPF, also called clear bra, clear film or clear paint film) is a thermoplastic urethane often self healing film applied to painted surfaces of a new or used car in order to protect the paint from stone chips, bug splatters, and minor abrasions. For many, this means polishing and waxing or ceramic coating. We mentioned this briefly above, but the best way to protect and enhance your paint protection film is to have a professional-grade nano-ceramic coating applied on top. Rocker Panel Then start the paint protection film project by washing the car with car wash soap. Make sure that you don’t take out your PPF until you’re ready to use it, as direct exposure to air can degrade the quality of the film over time. The entire job takes less than two hours. Ideally, you should work with brand new cutting blades when cutting excess PPF, as this will result in clean, professional lines with minimal cutting effort Then peel it off and start over, moving a bit faster and applying less product. Click to see full answer Herein, how do you install 3m clear paint protection vinyl? When you use installation gel, you can also reduce the amount of slip solution for a smoother installation Scotchgard™ Paint protection Film Pro Series – also called clear bra – tirelessly protects vehicles from rocks, chips, harsh weather and more. Find it at any auto parts store. The PPF film is virtually invisible and has advanced flexibility that hugs tightly to curves and contours vehicles. This stone chip protection is a clear urethane film which when applied to your bike surface and reduces stone chip damage. It involves putting either a film or a ceramic coating on the car's clearcoat that … When applied to a car’s surfaces, it offers a simple method of safeguarding your vehicle against the wear and tear of the road. Its glossy structure, transparency, and price make it the best choice for short term vehicle surface protection.PPF280 Watch out for dead insects, tree sap, and other potentially corrosive materials that have become embedded in the pores of the PPF. Q. The 3M paint protection film has a clear coat on the outside of it to keep it looking good for the long haul. But once I started using the soapy mixture in a spray bottle to apply the stickers (baby shampoo+water+shake well), it was super easy to work with and I ended up pushing the soapy residue out of the film with my fingers. Cutter Knife: Use a cutter knife with a new blade angled at 30 degrees Then hold the paint protection spray nozzle 6 to 8 in. Here’s a list. You may be offered paint protection when you’re buying a new car. This is a store bought solution, that ensures the film is not … Paint protection has become the first stop for many new car owners. Working only on the upper section, continue to use your squeegee until it has adhered to the bumper and is secure. Completely spray this side with installation gel. Spray the Liner Film Side: Give the liner film side of the PPF a spray down with installation gel. This allows the PPF to activate a ‘glue-like’ substance, which is what causes it to stick to the paintworks surface.Depending on the brand of film, the fitting solution can range from simple water to a … Before starting, refer back to the “prepping the surface” section for guidance on how to prepare the surface prior to film application. Avoid touching and adjusting the PPF during the curing process at all costs. Apply The Paint Protection Film: Now that you’ve sprayed down all surfaces with slip solution, you’re ready to apply the PPF to the vehicle surface. Air Release Pen: A handy tool for lifting and repositioning film when needed Scotchgard PPF is a durable high-grade colorless urethane film applied to high-impact areas of your vehicle that take the brunt of damaging stones and road debris. Fill one spray bottle with water, mixing in a few drops of baby shampoo. The process is the same as with regular paint: wet the surface with a lubricant such as XPEL Detail Spray or soapy water and then gently rub the surface with the clay bar. Paint Protection Film from Tint a Car helps to protect your paintwork from scratches, stone chips, scrapes and bird poo (most of these occurring in public car parks!) TrackArmour specializes in temporary track day paint protection and vinyl number decals. SunTek Paint Protection Film is designed and warrantied when applied to original paint. The cost of applying a full body paint protection film would set you back at least $400. Paint protection film stands for Paint Protection Film. Allow a 6 to 12 hour final drying period before driving. Rubber Squeegees: Try to get a set with four different lengths for optimal versatility Move the can at the rate of six seconds per pass. Our expert says that the film can last a bit longer than one year but may yellow from UV exposure. SunTek Paint Protection Film is designed and warrantied when applied to original paint. Spray the PET Protection Side: Find the side of the paint protection film that has the PET Protection feature. So even if you’ve recently waxed the car, do it again using the wax packet included with the product. Continue spraying onto the fender, over and above the tape line, and below the bottom edge of the hood to get a uniform film thickness at the edges. When applying the installation gel, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind: When applying installation gel, always make sure that the vehicle’s surface and the air around it is between 20-30 degrees Celsius Paint protection film is extremely versatile, and it can be used on a wide variety of car surfaces, including: Full Car Body Most should protect your paint from small rock … Fill the other spray bottle with a 60% water, 40% Isopro- pyl Alcohol solution. This completes the installation of your 3M Paint Protection Film. A. Measuring Tape: Use measuring tape to make sure your cuts are accurate Without the addition of sealant solution, PPF can become discolored over time because the pores in the membrane become clogged with these pollutants and natural particles. The budget caters for all prep work on the vehicle and required kits. Several companies make this paint film, but we chose the 3M Paint Defender product for this story because it lasts up to a year. if your wheels and accessories have been repainted within the last 180 days, do not apply liquidshield. An expert from 3M shows how to do it. It involves putting either a film or a ceramic coating on the car's clearcoat that can protect it from UV damage and rock debris. Learn more today. Let The Sealant Dry: Within 5 minutes, the PPF surface should be visibly smoother. If you choose to still have SunTek Paint Protection Film installed over fresh paint, the common waiting period is 30 days for the paint to outgas. Cut Excess Film: Cut away the excess PPF at the edges, leaving behind a clean line. Wipe the excess off the edges with a rag. The paint protection film cures fully in one to four days, depending on the air temperature and humidity. Scotchgard™ Paint Protection Film (PPF) from 3M. Will Scotchgard™ Pro Series Paint Protection Film harm the painted surface if the film is removed? Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! Remember to use overlapping strokes with the squeegee to remove as much slip solution as possible. Sealant Solution is activated on a molecular level when exposed to UV rays, and it protects the PPF against pollutants, tar, insects, pollen, acid rain, and many other environmental factors. For others, the ultimate way to keep a car’s factory paint job in like-new condition is to apply a clear paint protection film. Shake the can of 3M Paint Defender for a full minute before applying paint protection spray.