Reported speech is how we represent the speech of other people or what we ourselves say.. In one of those situations, you should absolutely not change the time tenses. Reported Speech Exercise 5 - statements - mixed tenses. 0000012595 00000 n I will pay you on Friday (THE BOSS, PROMISE) The boss promised to pay me on Friday. A change in tense 3. Changing direct speech to reported (indirect) speech can be difficult because of the verb tense changes required. As we reviewed in the video, there are 4 situations where you do not need to change the time tenses in indirect/reported speech. Alex said, "Alas! 17 28 %��������� You often need to change verbs and pronouns to keep the original meaning. Tense Changes When Using Reported Speech in English - ESLBuzz … (reporting a recent telephone conversation; the reporting verb sayis in present simple) 2. the reported words are true at the time of reporting: George: I'm meeting Karen tomorrow. 0000004262 00000 n 2. A change of pronouns 2. REPORTED SPEECH. He says he has missed the train but he'll catch the next one. 0000000016 00000 n Change of tenses. The tenses, word-order, pronouns may be different from those in the direct speech sentence. Q��Wݲa�]VM�Ea�z}{�~w�ڲ� ��j�g�jY�?% �D\OA>�f��W{���-���/����d-YS��Җe۵�i+V.�+[Y㷦���=���h���;56���][c��6ڌ�r�֢ž�X�Fh��e�����\��,�����w��k(��䦰cMǗM]w�E�7B/�i���v���͓�─K�7�O���R4��[BaǶN��c}M'��72Z�}�.���.��g��8lr��k[���1O�+��m�鍌$�O; �C��������X'�y{X�1OBH��z�`������iOB3�$���zc��{Ӕ%���%,a�Mߺ=�nd$�}�Ih�< ���,�q�C��0�f�C;�I(. Backshift is the changing of a tense to an earlier one after the past form of a reporting verb. 0 0000004131 00000 n 0000001495 00000 n REPORTED SPEECH PART 1.TENSE CHANGES. Here are some exercises to help you practice and understand. For example, present simple goes back one tense to past simple.We call this change "backshift".When do we use backshift? Reported Speech Reported Statements When do we use reported speech? You do not need to change the tense if the reporting verb is in the present, or … Common sense, together making the usual changes. �E��|:��F��p�'rr�� �. %PDF-1.4 %���� Reported Speech. 0000001377 00000 n Reported Speech Exercise 7 - statements, questions, commands “I’ll do it tomorrow”, he promised. Would you like to drive me home? 0000005792 00000 n If this verb is in the present tense, it's easy. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> OTHER CHANGES As well as tense changes, other words in Direct Speech need to be changed when they are reported. Direct And Indirect Speech: Verb Tense Changes With Rules & … (The students may notice that verb tenses change in reported speech. Reported Speech (Indirect Speech): Definition, Useful Rules And … Julia said she had bee… PR. A change in tense 3. View REPORTED SPEECH .pdf from ECONOMICS 12 at École nationale de commerce et de gestion de Casablanca. Direct speech: He says, ‘I don’t want to wait any longer.’ Indirect speech: He says that he doesn’t want to wait any longer. Changes to time phrases Direct Quote Reported Speech Explanation Richard said, “I love learning grammar.” Richard said, “I have had difficulty with reported speech.” Richard said that he loved learning grammar. After present and future reporting verbs, the tenses in the reported speech are normally the same as in the original speech. Reported Speech Exercise 6 - statements, questions, commands. Rewrite each sentence as reported speech tense changes. 0000012389 00000 n 0000017781 00000 n REPORTED SPEECH TENSE CONVERSION RULES Direct Speech Reported Speech “I want a holiday” (Present Simple) She told me she wanted a holiday (Past Simple) “Bob is annoying me” (Present Continuous) Jane said Bob was annoying her (Past Continuous) Which is the correct ending of the sentence in Reported speech? George said he is meeting Karen tomorr… Do you need help? Reported Speech Exercise 2 - statements - present tense. ‘I get up every day at 6:30,’ she said. 0000000856 00000 n Later, maybe we want to tell someone else what the first person said. Reported Speech Exercise 4 - statements - mixed tenses. Reported speech (also called indirect speech) relates what the person said, but does not use the exact words. 0000017212 00000 n 4. Page 6 Tense Change Rules Direct Speech ... reported speech pdf assignment" Joy Alex expressed with joy that he had solved reported speech pdf assignment. M 4� ���ɕ��abaH���W�GG'hb Julia said she had finishedher Master’s degree the previous year. 0000005289 00000 n Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Richard said, “ “I love” He loves* 0000002152 00000 n Direct speech repeats the exact words the person used, or how we remember their words:. 0000003107 00000 n 0000006286 00000 n Choose from the drop-down menu and mind the tenses of the reporting verbs. He said he’d seen her two days before. Simple past Present continuous I’m working at the moment. being reported. These tenses change according to the following pattern: Consider changes in the following example: ‘I finished my Master’s degree last year.’ ‘I was reading your company’s website when I decided to send in my CV.’ 1. Richard said that he has had difficulty with reported speech. In reported speech, we don't use quotation marks. Likewise, when the reporting verb is in a present or future tense, no changes of tense take place. Reported speech 2 – questions | Grammar - Intermediate to upper … This handy chart and tips will help students remember common verb tense and modal changes in reported speech. endstream endobj 18 0 obj <> endobj 19 0 obj <> endobj 20 0 obj <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/ExtGState<>>> endobj 21 0 obj <> endobj 22 0 obj <> endobj 23 0 obj <> endobj 24 0 obj <> endobj 25 0 obj <> endobj 26 0 obj <>stream Read below the complete rules how to make indirect speech of present tense, past tense and future tense. The general rule is that reported speech “backs up” one verb tense. We sometimes change the tense of the reported clause by moving it back one tense. The simple past tense usually changes to the past perfect in reported speech. %PDF-1.3 0000001110 00000 n REPORTED SPEECH RS 4 Reported Commands: Change to reported speech using the person and the verb in brackets! u4 )���ds30�Ғ@,6ė��9�˥C= �iS1��#�W�Z���N�����p샨�7�^0W�00��i& �b��h��@� ` 'M$� 1. If the introductory verb is in the present, no change of the tense of the verb in the reported speech will take place. 17 0 obj <> endobj However, when we use reported speech, we usually tend to refer to a quotation uttered in the past. Reported speech - Indirect speech Simple Past. 1. She said startxref Abigail said (that) Answer: Abigail said (that) Isabella hated fish. 0000001191 00000 n x�b```���s����(�����A�� ��]��r�"��K�\�2�ZݦH��2 Joanna says she has just arrived in Hanoi. x�\[s��}�_����0�G[f�vŲ,2q�l?�ɕ��.W�f)?S������ev�������8��t��Fc~g?��Y���}�:Y��5��ݰ�_8�<0��s��_п���m�o%۪���5{��j�eW6]�ں^6�虬ۥ蚊�rY�}��w��K�w���ѯ�UB�����}y��0�\���$��[�`/����^NK��XVx�\ 2 “I saw her the day before yesterday”, he said. 0000003350 00000 n He promised that he would do it the next day. H�lTKO�0��W��>��;9��U)hI[���t�[A%?�����d���*R��o�>8�6���*9�*���"h�X�Ϋ�BQ�\;�� �$UZk�*A����Xt�;�fʈ�,>�$�F�Vk�z��7��]�Z嵁�("��p�HI�����ĭD�B(8�Iaź��P� 8T�ٿH��D�C����c��+MmP.�9�YT6f# B. She said that her father had died a year before/the previous year. Only the verb-subject agreement must correspond e.g. Sometimes someone says a sentence, for example "I'm going to the cinema tonight". Notice how the pronoun changes, to show who the original speaker was. Task No. 0000004550 00000 n stream 1. ; Direct speech: The teacher says, ‘Work hard.’ trailer The structure of the independent clause depends on whether the speaker is reporting a statement, a question or a command. 0000017458 00000 n 3. 0000007737 00000 n Reported speech – Simple Present – Sentences – Exercise. Ex: Barbara said, “I didn’t realise it was midnight.” In indirect speech, the original speaker’s words are changed.. Ex: Barbara said she hadn’t realised it was midnight. Example: Abigail: "Isabella hates fish." Show example. Here's how it works: We use a reporting verb like 'say' or 'tell'. Yes! Backshift We do not change the tense (no backshift) if the introductory clause is in a present tense. <<42F489D7B69A7F4998F1725F0C36F85A>]>> 1. Changes to time phrases Direct Quote: Reported Speech: Explanation Richard said, “I love learning grammar.” Richard said that he loved learning grammar. 0000002858 00000 n ; We explained that it is very difficult to find our house. There is a change in the tense in the reported speech if the introductory verb is in the past tense e.g. Reported speech (Indirect Speech) is how we represent the speech of other people or what we ourselves say.. Reported Speech focuses more on the content of what someone said rather than their exact words. xref 44 0 obj <>stream You do not need to change the tense if the reporting verb is in the present, or if the original statement was about something that is still true, e.g. 0000003427 00000 n ; These modal verbs do not change in reported speech: might, could, would, should, ought to: I’ll do it again (JACK, AGREE) He agreed to do it again. 0000005159 00000 n He said, “I am tired.” changes to: He said that he WAS tired. �����C����6 ojiT 4-3�~�����f6잌b�7砧�ꑊ��ݎ We use backshift when it is logical to use backshift. Here are 10 exercises to help you learn and understand reported speech statements in English ENGLISH GRAMMAR Reported Speech 3 All those changes represent the distancing effect of the reported speech. BACKSHIFT OF TENSES Verb tenses DIRECT SPEECH REPORTED SPEECH PRONOUNSVerb tenses Simple Present Do you I am a carpenter.He said that he was a carpenter. %%EOF She said, “My father died a year ago”. When the pronoun changes the verb must agree in number. But if the speech is made and reported on the same day these time changes are not necessary: The Past Perfect Tense does not change in the Reported Speech. (JIM, OFFER) Jim offered to drive him/her home. a. Reported Speech Exercise 3 - statements - present tense. 2. Reported speech tense shifting chart showing indirect speech to direct speech tense shift-- Present simple to past simple, present continuous to past continuous, etc. There are no tense changes in indirect speech if: 1. the reporting verb is in a present tense; this is often the case with simultaneous reporting or when the original words were spoken a short time ago and are still relevant: Joanna: I have just arrived in Hanoi. He said that he was working at that 0000006702 00000 n View Reported speech.pdf.docx from CHE 321 at Institut de Technologie du Cambodge. RAGALA -If the reporting verb and the Direct Speech 4 0 obj 0000007226 00000 n 2331. 0000012159 00000 n QUESTIONS IN INDIRECT SPEECH Direct question: Indirect question: He asked where she was going. 0000008307 00000 n 4 Rules for Tense Changes in Reported Speech. Reported statements in English are one form of reported speech.