Doing so may make you more trustworthy amongst both patients and colleagues. In some situations, it is possible to act against the will of a young person or their parent’s wishes if it is in their best interest, e.g. Stating that doctors have the biggest impact on patients – choose your words carefully. Medicine Interview Question: You are a doctor at a sexual health clinic. What issues would you need to consider when proceeding? How We Can Help You Succeed In Your Next Interview, Copyright © 2005 - 2020 © and Anson Reed Ltd :: All rights reserved, **Bang up to date for the 2021 interviews**, 1-2-1 Interview Coaching with our Team of Experts, Online Interview Training with Interview Questions and Answers, Strengths Based Job Interviews: Overview and Tips With Top 10 Questions and Answers, Interview Preparation Checklist - The Up to Date Guide to How to Prepare For a Job Interview, 22 Super Quick Tips To Help You Nail Your Job Interview, Overcome Those Interview Nerves – Learn How to Deal With Nervousness Before and During a Job Interview. Crucially, to address points 2,3 and 4 in your answer, you must not only list pros and cons but also relate them back to you by explaining why they are good for you. We do not claim our questions will be asked in any interview you may have. Make sure that you do not merely state that there is nothing wrong. What qualities do you have that mean you will be a good doctor? If you have attended open days and spoken to existing students, include this in your answer. You do not need to know all the details, but you can state in your answer that you have read about healthcare professionals requiring a duty of candour and are aware that the NHS has made this a contractual obligation in more severe cases of harm. The first thing to do is to clarify in your own mind why you want to study Medicine. This may include involving the police or social services. The tobaccos industry employ many people, who in turn spend their wages in the economy and also pay taxes. Our goal is to … Medicine Interview Question: Why do you want to study Medicine at this medical school? For example, if the child is at risk of serious harm, has been abused etc. I know from experience that preparation is key to success and key steps you should take include: You will find lots of advice online and generally we find that the answers that work best are those which are structured correctly and which show your skills. We also provide a wealth of up to date, comprehensive medical school application guides and information in our medical blog. NHS interview questions: Healthcare Interview Questions and Answers. In non-emergency situations, you have more time to discuss matters and come to an agreement. We include further medicine interview questions, answers and analysis in our instantly downloadable Medicine Interview Book. People are using antibiotics in some cases where they are not required or in excess, inappropriately like not finishing their courses, or using the wrong kind. Instead try to show your enthusiasm and passion (you do not need to go over the top, especially if this is not in your nature). That you can answer these types of questions diplomatically. Make sure your face is … advertising, sponsorship etc. I would explore if they fully understand the procedure; the rationale behind its use; the consequences of refusing it and the alternatives. That this medical school and city are well suited to you. While we recommend not memorizing answers, because this makes you sound like a robot, it’s important to think about these questions and their answers prior to your interview. Non-smokers are affected in the form of passive smoking. to provide a life-saving blood transfusion to a young child whose parents are refusing as they are Jehovah’s Witnesses. Why did a hospital experience as a child make you want to be a doctor, but a visit to the dentist did not make you want to be a dentist? Also, medical schools can do things to reduce this such as providing the learning objectives after you complete the cases, providing more formal supplementary teaching early on and other initiatives. Is a risk to public health due to conditions such as tuberculosis, rabies, cholera – In this situation the impact on society outweighs the patient’s autonomy to refuse treatment. A degree (and later a profession) which incorporates elements from Medicine, Surgery, the Sciences, Pharmacology, Psychology, Sociology, Epidemiology, communication skills, human factors, management, teaching, research and more. An interest in a particular condition, e.g. Interviewers will be looking for a candidate that has the ability to display an attentive ear and pleasant bedside manner. Keep your answer pertinent, and … Your answer to this Medicine interview question should show that you will assess why you failed, learn from this, strengthen your application and then try again. If the child does not have capacity and both parents are refusing to give consent, then this is a complicated situation. These sound incredibly cliched and are also difficult to back up. a respiratory ANP, an Emergency Medicine ANP and they work within that field only. To answer this medical school interview question and related questions, it is important to have the following key background knowledge: With the above knowledge, here are some things to consider in your answer to this Medicine interview question: Being dismissive, condescending or rude about other professions – There can be other healthcare professionals such as nurses on the interview panels. If she has, then it is possible to proceed without her parent’s involvement, but I would still encourage her to do so or request permission to inform them on her behalf. Why Have You Applied for This Job? This could involve applying for various court orders to override parental consent. They can often find in the early years that they will have more free time in the day to get involved in other university activities. We update our questioner on the basis of real student feedback that our student actually faces January 2018 intake. Some students may prefer the more rigid and separate discipline structure of a non-integrated (traditional) course. Society has not always gotten this balance right and has historically treated people with mental illnesses appallingly. For example, “why does our curriculum/medical school appeal to you?” “what can you tell us about our curriculum?” and so on.Â. Under the domain, “maintaining trust”, “Good Medical Practice” states: “You must be open and honest with patients if things go wrong. To make your answer stand out you can include examples you have seen in your experience or read about. Note for anti-abortion applicants – Doctors do not have to perform abortions in the UK. The University … Usually, someone volunteers to be a chairperson and someone else acts as a scribe. This will give you a second to gather your thoughts. How much PBL do different medical schools use? Medical Interview UK 2021 – Questions, Answers and Advice for IMT, ST3, GP and Consultant Posts. Membership is voluntary. Trying too hard to be original – You do not need to force a unique story or event which made you want to be a doctor. We deal with issues such as when can a young persons consent or non-consent to treatment be followed and when can in it be overridden in two medicine interview questions in the medical ethics questions and answers section. We would recommend that you practice the scenarios before reviewing … Question2: Medical billing and coding - Question and answers - Interview purpose Name the codes used to describe the diagnosis? You should state your case for why you wish to be a doctor instead of these other careers. Students can appreciate how the different medical sciences they are taught relate to each other as they are taught side by side, unlike in non-integrated courses where each subject, e.g. A career which means you will need and learn many skills and have knowledge from many disciplines, as well as the chance to work in and alongside many different disciplines. However, strictly speaking, the first distinction to be made is if the medical school course structure is an integrated or a non-integrated (traditional) one. Students learn about Medicine in the context of realistic clinical scenarios. Therefore, the ability … (Why did you leave your last job?) Approach three: A neutral answer, stating that there are no significant issues – this is a safe answer although it does not particularly add anything to your application. This may not be a sensible option if you already hold a related degree. A stable, well respected, well-paid career with excellent career progression and job prospects nationally and internationally. You’re still a student, so that isn’t odd. Let’s magically translate this trickiest of all nursing interview questions. This includes 100’s of examples of MMI and traditional interview questions and answers followed by extensive analysis. I may have professional and legal obligations in involving these external agencies, but again it is vital to try and secure her cooperation as not to be perceived as forcing my will on her. It tests your understanding of what a career in Medince entails and your knowledge of similar careers. The amount of PBL in a curriculum depends on the medical school. Medical Sciences (e.g. Informed consent is the process for getting permission before performing a healthcare intervention on a person, or for disclosing personal information. One in two smokers will die from a smoking-related disease. “In this situation, there is a conflict between, as a doctor having a duty to preserve the life and well-being of a patient versus respecting the patient’s autonomy to make their own decisions about what happens to their body. Lecture-based curriculums have a clear structure that “spoon-feeds” the curriculum. PBL courses have much more free time in the early years of studying Medicine so candidates can plan how to use their own time without being tied down to as many mandatory teaching sessions. Your knowledge and understanding of these things show admissions tutors if your motivation to study Medicine is based on realistic ideas about being a doctor and also proves that you are motivated as you have done your research on other careers. That you have self-insight and an awareness of what kinds of learning environments suit you and can clearly express these thoughts. When it comes to sexual health, people under 13 are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and therefore any information regarding the person being sexually active would need to be acted on, regardless of the results of the Gillick test. That you can highlight why you want to study Medicine without being dismissive of other careers. Medicine Interview Question: You will be spending a long time in this city if you study Medicine here – what can you tell me about this city and this university? If you have any other questions or worries, don’t hesitate to contact us at … You can purchase our Medicine Interview book as an instantly downloadable eBook. Don’t expect the interview process to be easy. We are using the term Gillick Competence as it is easier to use this in all situations instead of learning in which situations Fraser Guidelines could be applied instead. Many students will find that they learn better and retain more if they understand the context of what they are learning, i.e. If you have an early experience which made you want to study Medicine, then you can consider including it, and this is often a good way to start your answer, but do not force one. – This is the “slippery slope” argument which is often used in ethical debates. The postcode lottery remains an issue, however even today. The medical school will have learning objectives that they expect you to derive from each case. Each interviewer will explore using interview questions and exercises in line with the Essential Criteria as detailed on the relevant Person Specification. Often, they are the people who get to spend the most time with patients, often far more so than doctors, and they are often the ones to identify the earliest changes in patients. There is a core knowledge about PBL that you must possess to answer these kinds of questions, which we cover in this section. Download PDF. This is likely to result in a much better outcome and preserve patient trust and cooperation then if the patient feels that the doctors are imposing their will. To give a strong answer, you can shift the focus of some of the reasons so that they show how you can offer the medical school something through your contribution. Being under 16, I would establish if she has Gillick competence and is able to make decisions about her care. The answer is yes given specific criteria are met. The GMC is a regulatory body designed to protect patients. A middle ground; reducing tobacco consumption: An argument could be made that instead of an outright ban, taking measures to reduce smoking is a better approach. Avoid the common mistakes in answering this Medicine interview question which we list below. A challenging, exciting, interesting, varied job. Gillick Competence is also about a child’s ability to consent but is not limited to matters of sexual health. Contrast this to the integrated approach which teaches these at the same time. You will be required to present a proficient demeanour at all times and remember all aspects of your appearance, communication, language and attitude will be under scrutiny. You may be asked a slightly different question, e.g. The duty of Candour: The GMC also have a document of guidance entitled “The Professional Duty of Candour”. The doctor also must consider if the patient has been raped, abused or has an older partner. Gillick competence and the Fraser guidelines do not have a lower age limit. A dynamic profession, constantly evolving, requiring constant life-long learning. A further point is that these roles are limited and not all nurses can attain them. Why they ask this question: The interviewer’s task is to find … Even this is a careful process where doctors must make sure it is indeed justified to break confidentiality and doing so is better than the other options. Also, the GP would make sure that patients knew about finishing their course of antibiotics even if they started to feel better and explained the rationale behind this, so patients were more likely to do so and felt more involved in their care. This question was part of a number of questions asked in one MMI station at Sheffield Medical School. Why not a PBL course?” etc. Additionally, the government would lose the large amounts of revenue it receives from taxation of tobacco products and also from taxing the profits of tobacco companies. You should highlight the similarities between these different careers and Medicine and how they all play an important role in reaching successful outcomes for patients. MIKE'S TIP: When you’re dealing with behavioral med school interview questions, there’s a decent chance you won’t be able to use past experience for every one. In other words avoid giving theoretical answers unless specifically asked. Are You a Team Player? Founded by doctors and communications experts Medicine Answered specialises in delivering medical school interview courses, interview tutoring and medicine application review services. Content in the BMJ will typically reflect current medical news. To balance these, I would begin by trying to explore with the patient in a non-judgemental manner why they do not want to receive the blood transfusion. To address point 2 in the above list of what interviewers are looking for, when framing an answer, relate these points back to you, i.e. If you cannot do this, you can state somewhere in your answer that you feel that the medical school will provide an environment that you would thrive in and that you also hope to contribute back to the medical school. Not showing that you learn from setbacks or adversity. For example, in an integrated curriculum, your current teaching topic for the next few weeks may be the cardiovascular system. Advantages of being upfront about mistakes, Disadvantages of being upfront about mistakes. Witnessing how a doctor would ask what a patient already knows about a medication before the doctor prescribed it for the first time so that the doctor could gauge a patients base understanding. However, your eventual answer to this common Medicine interview question should focus on several main reasons which you talk about in more detail, instead of a huge list of reasons which you only spend a few seconds discussing. Preparing for the interview means knowing common interview questions, common interview mistakes to avoid and job interview checklist to guide your preparation. How to approach answering this Medicine interview question. Our goal is to create interview … This a simple factual question that involves knowing the points we cover below. Finally, we provide examples of competent answers to each medical school interview question. Medicine Interview Question: Should tobacco products be banned? In both scenarios, this will involve learning pre-clinical topics such as the anatomy and physiology of the heart. Medicine Interview Question: What are some of the benefits and drawbacks of PBL? Make sure you briefly cover some of your work experience, your strengths and your achievements in your answer. Gillick Competence and the Fraser Guidelines are sometimes used interchangeably despite being two distinct things. 3 This ebook includes two parts: - Part I: Top 36 medical records interview questions with answers (pdf, free download) - Part II: Top 11 tips to prepare for medical records interview 4. People have a right to make lifestyle choices (the problem with this argument is that many things are made illegal, so governments remove people’s choice frequently). After succinctly explaining informed consent, if you can think of an example you saw in your work experience, it could help to make your answer stand out and show that you can relate ethical guidance to real-world situations. A non-integrated course usually gives candidates a stronger base in the Scientific disciplines which underpin Medicine, e.g. Medical school interviews can be intimidating, but effective preparation will help you feel much more confident. Techniques such as Competency Based Interviewing and Structured Interviewing which have been used in large commercial enterprises for a number of years are now the norm in Medical Interviews. Lecture-based curriculums tend to mean that a student’s weekly timetable is heavy. do not just list the advantages of a particular approach but explain why they are well suited to you. Do you think it is ever appropriate to breach patient confidentiality? Approach two: List something minor which will not have a significant impact and state how you will overcome this issue – this is an option but be careful with your words. This guidance is not essential reading but is useful to briefly read if you have time as this type of guidance gives you further insight into the kinds of attitudes and behaviours expected of doctors (and will also help you in SJT type questions in the UKCAT). Additionally, it will make you appear more relaxed and make your answers sound less scripted then if you immediately reeled off a lengthy continuous answer. Unhealthy food, sugary drinks, caffeine? Deciding to study an entirely different degree or take a different career course. Related Medicine interview questions: A question could directly ask you what the differences are between an integrated and a non-integrated (traditional) medical school curriculum and/or the pros and cons of each approach. what is considered within their normal job role and what they are allowed to do) of other healthcare professionals is constantly expanding so that their roles are increasingly sharing more in common with doctors. Common variations: Why do you want to be a doctor? However, medicine interview questions like this do have a correct answer, as stating that doctors should not be honest and open about their mistakes is an inappropriate position to hold. Instead of rushing to give a solution, your answer needs to take the long way around so that you can show interviewers: There are an estimated 140,000 Jehovah’s witnesses in the UK. Why do you want to leave your current job? It can be uncertain if you have the right learning objectives or how much detail you should study a topic in. At the GP, I saw how the GP would use good communication skills to help explain to patients why antibiotics were not needed in their case. Don’t miss out on the job offer by not preparing properly for your Medical interview. Integrated courses tend to be holistic in their approach.