22 September 2011 at 10:06AM. I ordered a rug through amazon prime and the wrong rug was sent. I only send out 1 wrong item since I open my store but it’s happens sometimes with order big store also. Don't just send it back - phone them and explain. Your Orders. Thieves stealing from packages happens all … However the buyer email to ask me pay her extra $110 for an assemble service which my store never offer customer an expert assemble service. So, Amazon was a new experience for me too. You may return most new, unopened items fulfilled by Amazon AU within 30 days of receipt of delivery for a replacement or full refund of the price you paid for the item if you change your mind - see About Replacements and About Refunds. I tried to report it to amazon but there is no way I could find to report it. If they see that an item has been opened by the customer, they will mark it as “Customer Damaged,” and it cannot be put back in your fulfillable inventory. Something like this happened with me few years back. i do not want our company credit card charged again. Trust. Become a Redditor. Dinuselectronics 2018-09-03 11:56:44 UTC #1. I had a customer send me a message claiming the received the wrong item… Here is the kicker. I was attempting to return an item but the item I sent back was the wrong one (forgot to switch it back with the new version). Does Amazon know if they sent a wrong item? The seller would also be perma banned from Amazon if they continue to do that. Have returned items sent back to you for inspection. I ordered a package and it delivered by amazon and shows a piicture of the package but it is on the wrong porch not mine. ShaneUK Forumite. I should mention both products have been bought from Amazon, I'm not trying to send back a product purchased elsewhere. i printed the proof of delivery to Amazon. 21 Nov 2016 at 20:39 #5. If you would still like to purchase items that were undeliverable, you are welcome to place a new order on our website. This should read The item was sent via FBA too and apparently you CANNOT blame amazon if the item gets damaged in transit to either the FBA centre or the customer… ridiculous. Rozzy85. It is like 8' x 11' so that will be very costly. This is the NUMBER 1 reason people fail at FBA. Send news articles, blogs posts and other web content to read them anytime, everywhere on Kindle devices or reading apps. The bigger challenge is when they use a return reason of “Wrong Item Sent” or some other code that makes it a seller faulted return, then your just SOL. 1.1K posts 22 September 2011 at 10:06AM. If you suspect your order cannot be delivered as addressed and you have not received confirmation of its return or refund after 4 weeks from the estimated delivery date, please contact us. The most I could do was to start a return saying item was missing or defective, but I would have nothing to return I work at an Amazon Logistics facility, which is responsible for sorting out the packages for their final delivery. He'd return items that were the wrong parts or defective, but sometimes would send back stuff he'd ordered extra of and didn't need anymore. Use Send to Kindle applications to read on your Kindle devices and free reading apps on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android phone and tablet. Available for immediate delivery. Amazon is quizzing customers over returned items and has even banned accounts from which even 10% of ordered items were returned, according to a report. A week later, 2 more and just today, another 2. If I contest it with them they file an A-Z which Amazon … Review the product detail page for … Note: Amazon.com doesn't accept returns for items fulfilled by third-party sellers. I sell almost no clothing and the product she claimed she received I do not even have in stock. Approx. FTP. You can see specific information per item in Your Orders. Did you receive a damaged, defective, or wrong item sold by Amazon and want to replace it with the same item? I cannot even charge a restocking fee according to Amazon since the return reason is defective. I just received an email that i would be charged for a wrong item if i did not return the item by 8/2/ 2019. i checked and i have a tracking number that shows that the returned item was received by Amazon on 7/12/19 at phoenix, AZ. From your browser . If you sent the correct item… the item the buyer ordered… and the buyer realized, once they tried to use the product (perhaps a few weeks after receiving it), that they had actually purchased the wrong item… wrong size, wrong color, wrong type, etc., they would naturally choose Wrong Item Sent when selecting a reason for the return. Redeemable towards millions of items store-wide at Amazon.ca or certain affiliated websites. When the item shows back up at the Amazon warehouse, a warehouse worker will inspect the item to see if it should be returned to your inventory as fulfillable or unfulfillable. They claimed the received clothing. The buyer asked me another $110 to disassemble product and $80 to purchase a new box n drop it off at ups. They rush the first part of doing product research and pick the first product that looks OK. Then when they actually try to launch the product they realize the product is not that great after all. Picked the wrong product. 21 Nov 2016 at 20:54 #6. Return , Wrong Item received - Scam. I tried to go into the options to correct the situation, and to get either a refund or to have the correct item sent out, I need to pay the shipping cost of returning the rug. Undeliverable means it was damaged and a new one will be sent. I asked if it was possible she confused my order for another she ordered because I do not sell that item, and requested a picture of what she received. Pack your item securely, following the instructions sent to you when you requested your return from the Returns Center. Adam. For a label-free, box-free return, initiate the return through Your Orders. When I get it back of course they replace the new item with their old broken item. Go to . Its stealing if you knowingly keep something you are not entitled to. They will figure out there is either too much competition, or barely any demand for example. Recently I have been hit with an uptick of scammers who take the brand new electronics item I send them then request a return saying the item is defective. Sgarrista. Yes No Thank you for your feedback. I would like to share my two experiences here: Amazon was just trying establish itself in Indian markets those days. Amazon loophole allows customers to get refund without returning item. Am i going to have problems with this. Cecilia Fan, a spokesperson for Amazon, said: “Due to a technical issue, some customers were inadvertently sent a Delivery Estimate Update email not intended for them. Can anything … a week later we received 2 more items from Amazon that my husband didn’t order. Was this information helpful? I know someone who ordered some consumable items from Amazon and they sent double, told them just to keep it as it was more hassle to send it back. Okay, but say the item isn’t something you want, or the talking cartoon cricket on your shoulder won’t let you keep it. No returns and no refunds on Gift Cards. Hi All, i have received 2 return notifications in last 1 week asking me to accept return for 2 separate items i have sold A gamin watch £227 and Sony headphones £226 , both sent as NEW/ Sealed by the manufacturer, the Garmin buyer send … Joined: 27 Jun 2008 Posts: 1,530. We will always take the 50% restocking fee when we get discretionary returns like this and with one or two exceptions we have not had an issues with A-z claims. ET Online NEW DELHI: One reason online retailers such as Amazon have been able to pull customers from brick-and-mortar stores is the 'no questions asked' return policy. The seller determines the return policy. Gift cards sent by email can be scheduled up to a year in advance. You can view the status of a return or a refund in Your Orders by selecting View Return/Refund Status next to the relevant order. Learn about Amazon Prime benefits or cancel your membership ; Payment Options Manage payment and view gift card balances ... Order with FREE Shipping by Amazon; Cancel Items or Orders; Sign Up for the Amazon Prime Free Trial (Non-Quebec Residents) Use a Gift Card; Add & Manage Payment Methods; Order with 1-Click; Shipping & Delivery Shipping & Delivery. From your desktop. Your … Sell on Amazon. Note: Items fulfilled by Amazon.com but sold by another seller can't be replaced, but can be returned. The Issue with Co-Mingled SKUs. Check the order details in Your Account to see any substitutions or undeliverable items. × • • • Does Amazon know if they sent a wrong item? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Contact Amazon and tell them what happened. A couple from Munice, Indiana have admitted stealing more than $1.2 million from Amazon, using the company's returns system as well as a network of fake online personalities to … 0. If something is wrong, like used being sold as new, etc, then you contact Amazon customer support and they will fix it for you. Amazon AU Change of Mind Return Policy. Our returns policy will revert to standard for items sent after 31 December, 2020. There are a number of problems here, and I’ll start with the use of co-mingled “stickerless” SKUs. Sometimes, items may become unavailable after you check out. So they got my £300+ item and informed me they are sending it back because it wasn’t the right one. and join one of thousands of communities. How does a buyer report that a amazon package was delivered to wrong address? ; If the item you purchased from Amazon.com isn't returnable per the Amazon return policy, you'll see a message saying so in Your Orders. You'll be charged a single flat fee for each return shipment, plus a smaller fee for each item in that shipment. You send your products to Amazon’s warehouses and they pick, pack and ship your items to meet their strict shipping and delivery timelines. To munkle above. The item was sent via FBA too and apparently you can blame amazon if the item gets damaged in transit to either the FBA centre or the customer… ridiculous . (self.mauly666) submitted 57 minutes ago by mauly666. We'll proceed with preparing your order so that you receive the rest of your items on time. Some items may be substituted or removed after checkout due to availability. Trust. Buying from "fulfilled by amazon" is the same as buying directly from Amazon. Amazon's customer service is exceptional so I'd explain the situation to them and ask what they advise. Order Management, Shipping, Feedback & Returns . › Send to Kindle for Google Chrome. That’s what I agree w her. Amazon can be a stickler about returns of certain high-value items, including jewelry, collectibles and electronics. Joined: 18 Oct 2002 Posts: 8,939. About Incorrect or Missing Items from Amazon Fresh Orders. Wrong items being sent is a common problem which sounds more common because PS5 buyers are making a lot of noise about it. Wise Guy.