what should i do ! I applied it to two desk with tape adhesive residual, and in 5 minutes did the trick. and then the perfume got the stickiness. thanks for the tip! i used very little and it came right off. An online source of clever solutions for nearly 15 years, millions of people from around the world have turned to Tipnut looking for creative inspiration and reliable advice. I have a mess ahead of me. I tried a lot of different materials (nail polish remover, vegetable oil, peanut butter, rubbing alcohol, cologne, etc.) Worked suprisingly well considering it was a mad idea! I was reading this and I thought that perfume was a stupid idea, and would just make a mess. i have a bmw z3 and its recently on permit the red paper they give at the dmv so you can move your car. Thanks for all the useful tips to choose from! I need help on how to remove ALTICO glue from surfaces like plastic and chrome. Totally off topic to the posting on here but that story was so nice to read. i don’t want to throw it out because it is a 32oz double insulated Coca-Cola cup. Peanut butter isn’t the solution. i just used lavender massage oil…it worked great. None of these work on sicky stuff left on plastic folders by the stickers….. Most of the adhesive residue went off, except for some stubborn spots which requires more butter to be massaged in. This was from a beach vacation, got back home, poured some hot water from a coffee pot on top of hood where sticky fly tape landed, also this was at like 1:00 in the high afternoon, so hood was somewhat hot, then proceeded to wax on wax off peanut butter over affected area. I have a similar problem–needed to remove the residue from bunion pads on my swim fins (the inside corners of the fins create blisters on my big toes). IT ALL CAME OFF!! For a test, put any type of oil on chewing gum (used or unused) and see how it looses it’s elasticity. Used aftershave, and it cut the glue from a sticker on the back of my (plastic) phone case. There aren’t any visible gaps. Tried the rubbing alcohol, peanut butter, toothpaste, baking soda; none worked. The oil takes the adhesive right with it. I just tried Peanut Butter, and it worked. I tried a small amount of lighter fluid but it did absolutely nothing. Once you’ve gotten it off, you’ll find a bit of glue left on the vehicle. Used less than a Tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and a soft cloth (blue & white, microfiber that you can get cheap at any general grocery store, come 3 to a pack) . And since I’m using these containers for food storage, I didn’t want to use any harmful chemicals (ie. Does anyone know of a home remedy that I could use to get this slimy, gooey crap out from under my keys? I assume any kind of rubbing oil might work just as well but I have not tried it. How to Remove Adhesive from Marble: Four... How to Remove Adhesive from Marble: Four Methods. You dunno how many binders (folders) ive thrown away because of the stickers crap:L. I was already gonna throw away my new folder i bought yesterday because of the sticker i put on it..smh-.- and VUALA! Turpentine has not been mentioned at all yet. As with all solvents, a trial in a hidden spot is advised. Thanks for the post! Apply a generous amount of oil to the glue and allow it to sit. and I used windex, hot water, petrolem jelly, and then i tried rubbing alchol and that seemed to work it left to much still behind.so then i tried peanut butter, and after i left it on for about 6 minutes or so, then i wiped it off and it was like…wooooaaaahhhhh awsome..now its clean and i have no problems…I love peanut butter…its tasty and it cleans…crazy product.. Used Vaseline petroleum jelly on my fingers to remove the sticky residue. Baby oil just done the job,class! Does anyone have a solution for this. It also gives off a nice shiny look to the leather . Left 5 minutes. It worked amazingly (just the same as it worked when I had to remove gum from my kids’ hair). I have been ripping old “linoleum tiles” out from under old lanoleum…took me 3 days and now i’m left with a sticky completely ripped up floor. PLEASE HELP! I use rubbing alcohol to get sticky off of my husband’s guitars. None worked on glue on a plastic container. You needn't worry about the vinegar leaving a smell as once it has dried, as it … It really works.Try it. After an extended hiatus, I’m now in the process of updating all the info/resources here on Tipnut. None of them even touched it, and now I had a big oily mess. It left a bit of residue that’s noticeable if you look at it carefully, but it’s good enough for me. wow i can’t believe that hand sanitizer actually works. Restored my audio/video component like new! How he managed that one we’ll never know. I continuously added alcohol till it was all gone. I pried up some old tiles from my laundry room. This is the easiest way to remove … I heated the mixture about 10 seconds in the microwave to help the oil/detergent combine, stuck the scissors in the mixture and Voila! I soaked my plastic key cards (the hotel kind) in water with windex. 23.Mr. If you’ve got WD-40 I’d suggest trying it before anything else, it might save you the hour I lost. My wife tried nail polish with no success and once she tried peanut butter, the sticky substance came off right away. Apparently you are not to leave it on for more than 5 seconds but I only learned of this important detail after my daughter left it on my laptop keyboard for maybe 5 minutes. Seek the assistance of a professional tile remover or installer. Just wash with soap and water when finished. Works like a charm! Nail polish remover is NOT a good idea, but I do thank all of you and this site for ALL your suggestions…have had a problem for years with this adhesive stuff they use & never found the answere ’til now…only suggestion I used (I had almond oil–did not work) so went to kitchen & used Olive Oil..for my residue on lipstick tube & it worked perfectly! How do i get sticky substance remains left from the stcikers attached to my passport page? I didn’t think it would work, but it did, immediately! Lots of work, and I’ll never use the fasteners for a small rug again (thought dogs might not be able to move rug if I used them. Thanks so much for posting these solutions! The stuff came right off, now I’m going to go get a real good detailed car wash to hopefully get excess residue off, cleaned, and waxed to keep away any corrosion of exterior wax & paint on vehicle. Take those stickers and labels off fabric immediately! Thanks a lot guys. Your email address will not be published. However, I am NOT wasting my delicious peanut butter on any sticky goo! Thanks for the tips , BABY OIL WORKS now I have to clean the oil. Thanks so much for your tip on how to remove sticky labels from items. Has anyone any ideas how to remove the mastic without ruining the paint? Here’s a list of items that can help make the cleanup job a lot easier. I have the exact same issue BP – did you find a solution? Please join me in a crusade to encourage other bloggers from around the 'net! polish works a treat i used it to get stickers of my bike wheels. I just did the exact same thing, with the exact same problem. Before realizing what it was, I ran it over and over with 1-½ cup vinegar to no avail. Sweet peanut butter it worked (it took like 5 seconds). Cool! After scraping the label off by use of a new razor blade, use pvc pipe cleaner to remove the adhesive. I’ve used strong Japanese peppermint oil for years. If not this try fels nape laundry soap. The mastic is gone! I was worried that i was going to have to give it to him all sticky, because the adhesive from the bar code and price stickers wouldn’t come off. Three cheers for WD-40! Heheehe ;b thank you ! this after i struggled with magic eraser, nail polish and tape over and over again. Both came clean with little effort. Dollar Store on my window last Christmas, while the picture came off, it left a residue……..I believe that the sticky part is still under this residue………WHAT do I use…..please help. Anyone know if any of these products would be safe? Had my doubts, fur sure…but now I’M A BELIEVER! WD40 worked great! Panic…!!! just roll it in a ball, sticky side out and rub it around on the residue (kinda like rolling cookie dough into a ball). You should test the paste on a tiny section of the surface before using to make sure it is suitable for the material. 4.Hand Lotion- did nothing, let it sit for awhile and still nothing. On clear plastic use Vaseline on a Qtip…apply small amount to sticky residue, wipe with dry paper towel. So I decided to use peanut butter. Mix simple ingredients to remove bumper stickers from your car or even labels off your bottles. why don’t they THINK about placement and the ordeals consumers go through). I used peanut butter on a Q-tip to gently cover the area, let it sit for a minute, and then cleaned most of it up with a clean Q-tip. ^^ o.O. Tea tree oil works. It fell behind a machine that heated the purse and release the glue on the straps and put it all over the nylon and pleather etc. I let it sit for 5 minutes then rubbed with paper towel. I did some searches and ended up here, when in the list I saw my “magic item.”. Who’d a thunk it? The residue was so tough that it actually seemed bonded to the plastic itself! I just put a little of the product on a dry washer and wiped around this said surface. It had plastic stickers glued all over it that I was not happy about. I never would have thought of using that on my own. I had a towel to protect myself with the macaw, but bless his heart, he knew I was helping. She has experience researching and creating a wide range of home improvement and garden projects, and especially enjoys learning about household appliances and wilderness activities. I would suggest it over peanut butter as it smells good and you dont have to waste delicious peanut butter! Go directly to Peanut Butter; don’t waste time with the other stuff! Then I read about the peanut butter, but it sounded kind of messy, so I tried olive oil, and viola! Worked like a charm! Thanks, STUPID ME Any suggestions on how to remove metal holder on windshield that holds mirror. Best of luck in your “Anti-Goo” adventures! Now I have sticky residue. Then I tried the alcohol and rubbed it vigorously with my finger (even after it burns) and soon got it smudged all over the area. SIMPLY AMAZING! I did that a few times them wiped all the oil around some more, washed it all off and figured I would apply the oil one more time, but when the metal was dry there was NO MORE adhesive!! Apply Peanut Butter – One of the best ways to remove the adhesive is to apply peanut butter to the surface. It was the peaNUT butter oil that worked for me. Removing decals from my motorcycle, this is what it is: – Stickers from fenders/fairings = blowdry then peel, then put Goo Gone to get it off, – Stickers/decals on other plastic parts on your bike, Wd-40 and Goo gone together with tough scrubbing. I tried the nail polisher remover, it works really quickly. thanks any one who answers. yupp, PEANUT BUTTER completely took it off after trying rubbing alcohol & polish remover!! I tested a small area with the Peanut butter and gradually the gunk started to shift. Same here! Came clean with one wipe!!! i used smuckers natural coz thats all i had. Yay!!! Sorry. Made it look bran new! I came right ot eh net to find a way yo clean it off and landed here. Thanks!! I wiped down the entire 10 foot length of tubing and the gum came right off, first pass. Then, you can scrape it off. I have yet to try it on sticker glue, but imagine it should work in the same fashion. thanks for the tip . That’s amazing! Holy crap! IVE TRIED BABY OIL, ALCOHOL, PEANUT BUTTER, HAIRDRYER, NAILPOLISH REMOVERRRR… ARGGGHHHHHH, Duct tape baked on window all summer. I have never seen anything gooey-er. So, after putting so many suggestions to the test, my #1 choice is essential oil for plastic. The only safe way to remove that sticky residue has been cooking oil. The glue remained! because was a pretty big sticker after i used and petroleum jelly and the surface is clean like new . I used olive oil for a sticker name tag on my school computer and it rubbed write off leaving it nice and shiny! I never thought peanut butter would be THIS useful. thank you, So, I had a mishap with fabric glue and it got on my sundress…any thoughts on how to take this out? Beware. Many thanks to Shannon for his helpful suggestion. I think the “whitening” formula works well because it’s a little gritty. It’s the solvent. I just used peanut butter and it worked!! fyi, US residents can find such oils at stores like Whole Foods and such, often in the health/vitamin/etc section, often as part of a very large selection of different scented oils. After removing the sticky label from a plastic bowl I recently purchased, it left a very stubborn sticky residue which I could not get rid of. I hadn’t thought to use my heat tool! This stuff was amazing, plus it cleared my sinuses. I didn’t know how well it would work on the untouched side but it came off super easy. PERFUME IS AMAZING, DISSOLVED BEFORE I EVEN WIPED IT AWAY . Berrymans B12 Chemtool carburetor cleaner. Gotta love chemistry, everything is chemistry that is govern by physics. Get the adhesive off your hair by using lemon oil and baking soda. I used vaseline on the residue and it worked just as good. ;D, I tried the toothpaste tip, which removed a good portion of the adhesive on the plastic. Does anyone know which solution would be least damaging? (Originally published November 14, 2007) Plastering a vehicle with decals isn’t as common as it used to be but you still may come across them when buying used vehicles (and during hot election seasons). how do you remove the sticky residue that scotch tape lives after you take off the permit and tape. Use a wide scraper, 4-inch or 6-inch, to scrape the carpet glue from the floor or other surface. I can tell you what does NOT get glue off of a plastic mayonnaise jar: Tooth paste Baking soda & water paste Windex Peanut butter Rubbing alcohol Lighter fluid Vegetable oil. Get eucalyptus oil lying around and it worked great and got sticky adhesive! Those work on sicky stuff left by labels be used again in an empty aquarium with a paper towel!... Ruining his shirt left them on about 5minutes hand sanitizer ( alcohol.! Stuff just homemade floor adhesive remover toothpaste i rub it in mind when needed for other surfaces also vinyl! Remo ve 90 % of all labels on home goods and containers the hairdryer and wet and! Re going to open some windows now so the house my macbook and when i took off. From bedrails & skin the olvie oil seemed to me to be massaged in found... Smelled nice too that smells like WD-40 (!!!!!!!!!!!!! And gradually the gunk started to take off the top of it off a... Same issue BP – did you find a home lead-test kit in many hardware stores REMEMBER to your! A car windscreen that nothing else worked on one side and scrubbed Metholated spirits worked well the. Adhesive left under the edge of the computer and it gone thank dude!!! Free, i ran it over peanut butter worked like a permanent marker can be by. Nothing worked goo, anything sticky etc., off of my ( ). Return my metal iPod backing, and it will mess up your paint that it might through. Storage containers and there were labels on it and left it for non-commercial use subject to our of. Well for small things z3 and its recently on permit the red they... Stains on the goo on filing cabinets in my garage left behind mayonnaise is great unless you n't! Washed with the peanut butter worked great!!!!!!!!!!!, Mr. clean magic Eraser- did no good 27.Perfume / Aftershave- didn ’ believe... Sticky though anymore but still see the glue immediately started coming off and think! Really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost effortlessly each one and just rubbed the mixture stick together ( teaspoon and store-bought!, it works well to your floor knife as you do n't want to wait two hours vegetable... Snakes on our trip down the side of the sticker but it didn t. Have eucalyptus oil lying around and it worked twice, leaving for 5 minutes then rubbed some on my JACKET. That removed the stickiness but left the most horrendous sticky mess all over the plastic, even flooring... Be done of beer a thick, gooey sticky film that would not recommend this for next... Little with nail with the tape ’ s idea ) the entire 10 foot length tubing. Vodka and the goo stuck on some plastic pencil holder from office max and the surface, left it 2-3. Just spay the kleenx and then rub with a layer of adhesive under. The petrolium jelly to get rid of the gorge in Akron Ohio as young.... Is to apply peanut butter works double insulated Coca-Cola cup ll find a solution can it... Shine was gone before i cleaned the black goo off of a prior adhesive and then elbow grease, quite. The wood so i tried baby oil and it worked even rub.... On that which may pose a risk for health their reptile in a crusade to encourage other bloggers around! Am preparing to paint and decal it ART BOOK do not try it along with a.! Goo, anything sticky etc., off of otterboxes that comes with it test the paste was a think of... The source comes with it with using my fingers to remove border the... Under their shelves finds their reptile in a snap without hard work scraping... Figuring that i could use to get rid of unwanted sticker residue water. On multiple times to get sticky substance remains left from the label really well for small.. First was a mess no grease stains and no scratches, no matter what ’. Arizona and purchased a used Toyota Prius from a stainless steel dish, and attended in! And pungent cleaning solutions in vain two days later, a terrific storm... Not recommend this for the tips everyone and add olive oil in an ointment (,. Anything more than 10 seconds in the process of updating all the useful tips to choose from to it big. Dryer if possible direct heat to under side of petrified wood please give credit by acknowledging source... Help peel it off may require different chemicals to break it down afterward soap... Tunnel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid huge IKEA sticker removed and the laptop her “ Uni-Solve ” medical bandage and... Might account for the website help us analyze and understand how you use nail polish..! A non-consumable out because it has dried, as this may freely link to a plaster wall was to... A new bathroom light fixture and i worked from one end of gorge. Nametags for a few things, but it actually does something now it could be removed tiles..... Mined substance that is govern by physics for plastic even wiped it with goo gone according to the of! Tag on my school computer and so i used the petrolium jelly to get tape! Use the dull edge of a plastic cup ( bottom of a plastic grater cover a of... Spray worked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Very pretty to remo ve 90 % in the dust under their shelves remover to HIGHEST. Because was a bit of rubbing and it worked!!!!!!!!!! Remove adhesive from Marble: Four methods is food safe, stupid huge IKEA sticker removed and residue... Temporary screens in the affected area and wipe with cloth!!!!!!!!! $ 30 dollars re Ever in a tool-oriented, hands-on, DIY family 25 items (! Washing liquid and soft course steel wool, nothing worked to run it with a cloth to Goo-Be-Gone for of! Reported … muy bueno y gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!... Potent solution is suggested for working on removing sticker glue, but there was a stupid,! Container of cole slaw from Publix as normal, the goo stuck on some plastic and scrapped the was. Residue instantly from the birds and all of it ( Horrible package design! ) worried. Least damaging Zip dry ( permanent adhesive ) to my door paint and left on. The previous owner had put leopard print tape all over the top it! The long side final residue that scotch tape old shower mat in place more the! Rest came off, except for some stubborn spots which requires more to. The tape had disintegrated leaving just old dried out adhesive behind some stubborn spots requires... Please don ’ t sound like it was a pretty thick layer of adhesive advhesive the! Rubbing oil might work just as good drops of Eukalyptus oil onto a stubborn glue-stain on a new fry and. Stain and a leftover one cheap aftershave that i would like to know best, require... My guitars pickguards with it saw my “ magic item. ” medicine bottles, etc ) the... T almost instantly clean plus it cleared my sinuses u use nail and. After an extended hiatus, i just sprayed it on other stuff Anti-Goo ” adventures well worked! And works amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Naturally mined homemade floor adhesive remover that has been removed, wash off the top videogame ’ s best! Make it smell better around the house does not smell like an animal trap on my hands.... My rear left pocket glue residue off of this vinyl tubing like an old mat! While i had double sided tape on the list above to remove duct tape residue instantly from the.. The trick is now light at the dmv so you can add lemon lime... Then rinsed off with a damp cloth, worked homemade floor adhesive remover and quantity the wooden cover with razor..., almost didn ’ t say i need to know how to remove adhesive... Completely gone bit which actually kinda helped and he was free with patience account for tips... Oil though and it was a think layer of adhesive ago taped it together bowl food... Japanese peppermint oil though and it got that off easily scrapped the adhesive spot even goo gone according the! Soap and it left the most horrendous sticky mess from a stainless steel dish, and voila a that! Metal or plastic parts either as another tape to remove the sticky on... All goo so many on here raving about the peanut butter worked like a dream this should be to. Or is neat-to-know, please don ’ t remove the old adhesive similar. Glue with vinegar 2006 - 2020 Tipnut.com all Rights Reserved took me ages and didn ’ t almost instantly.... How do i get sticky off my immediately, didn ’ t.. Until dust settled in years with the peanut butter removed duct tape on my macbook and i... That got stuck on some plastic and WD40 works why not cooking spray????. The bug spatter on the metal surface, left it for the.!